Moonlight Goddess Myth

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  "Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars."
       It was on the day of Christmas. It was snowing but the moonlight was going up in the shining night sky. There was a goddess walking slowly to the shiny frozen pond next to a big Christmas tree. She had a white  and little bit of blue and shiny dress on with skates. She slowly went onto the ice and there was a stunned music in the air. That beautiful moonlight goddess started dancing on the ice like a symphony.

She did amazing flips. ~Meanwhile~
???? POV:
I was walking down the rode with my cat name coco. She was light brown fur with light blue eyes. I was walking when I heard music. I walked towards where the music was playing it leaded to the trees until I saw a clearing I hid behind a bush and I saw a woman with red and blue hair with a bow in the middle of her hair. She had pink and blue eyed with a flower in the middle.(like the pic below)

   She was breath taking like she is a goddess

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   She was breath taking like she is a goddess. I accidentally stepped on a stick and it made a crack sound m. She turned to where I was and looked wide eyed and then she turned the other way and started to run. I said "Wait, wait up" she still wouldn't stop I tripped and when I looked back up with snow in my face she was gone. She just like disappeared into thin air like she teleported some place else. After that day I  never saw her again. I go back there to that frozen pond every week to check if she's there but no luck yet.
    Authors POV:
But then after the day he visited there sat...........
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