Flowerfell Ending

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Ending written by @eridanamporascience8

You surveyed the room. Each time you would look at a Sans that you had gotten close with, memories would flood back, some good, some bad. There was some Sans' there that you didn't even recognize. G was a little tempting since the last time you saw him was when the knife was lodged into his skull. You turn to Ink.

He has helped you so much through all of this. He didn't think that you were nothing. For a while at least. Then something red shifts in the corner of your eye. You turn to the red skeleton figure, his long black and red striped scarf billowing on the ground. He nervously tugged at his necklace, running his phalanages over the points of the save star.

Flowerfell. He was the first Sans you had ever met. He was harsh, yes and it did take a while for him to actually reveal the good side of him, but he was caring and to be honest, you missed him.

You walk up to him and the pinpricks on his sockets shrink and dim. He looks at Ink, then back at you. You smile at him, "I miss you Sans..."

His body began to shake as red tears appeared at the corner of his sockets. You wrap your arms around him and pull him close to you, burying your head into his scarf. His sobs are muffled into your hair as he mumbles your name over and over again. "I miss you, too (Y/N)..."

You hear shuffling behind you, some muttering and little pops as the room suddenly grows silent. Ink clears his throat and you turn to look at him, pulling away from Sans. He spreads his fingers out and connects them together. Oh right, the merging of the souls.

Sans wipes his face with the sleeves of his jacket as his crimson soul floats towards yours. Your (S/C) soul glowing brighter, Sans' following suit, as they approach each other. When they finally touch, you winced expection pain, but none came. Instead, it felt more like a light tugging at your chest, followed by the strange warmth that ran down your spine and over your skin. It made you feel, alive. Whole again.

You look at the product and see Sans' red part of his soul swirling with your (S/C), creating a sort of spiral. You take a deep breath and let it out. It felt like the air had actually reached your lungs instead of it feeling like it just went down your throat.

You turn to Ink and smiled, satisfied with your decision. You realize something and a sudden wave of dread hits you. "Will I ever see you again Ink?" you quietly say, hoping for the answer that you desperately wanted. You thought wrong.

"No." Ink says, his expression falling but his smile still stayed. You bite your lip, refusing to let any tears fall and run up and hug him. Ink was a bit taken about but chuckles solemnly and holds you tight. You pull back when you feel the tears coming and rub your eyes. Ink's hand lays on your shoulder, giving you a reassuring squeeze. "All I can tell you is, try not to get into trouble again." You laugh nervously and Ink winks, "Just kidding. But I need you to promise me one thing."

You raise a brow, curious, "What's that?"

Ink smiles brightly and ruffles your hair. "Take care of yourself, cause someone really cares about you." He says, jutting his mandable to the other side of the room. You turn to a flustered looking Sans who jerks his head away, shoving his face in his scarf. Ink and you laugh before giving each other one last hug.

"Goodbye, Ink."

"Goodbye, (Y/N)."

And with that, he pulls his paint brush from his back and swipes at the air, the area before you breaking open and looking into a place you're all too familiar with. Ink gives you a smile and blips away. Something brushes against your hand and you turn to see Sans giving a small, toothy grin. You could help but smile back as you take his hand.

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