Chapter One

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-The first book in the Shatani Trilogy-

The second book has been completed (I Know I'm Going To Lose Him)

The third has been started (I Will Find Him Again)



Itachi: 7

Chizuru: 6


Jeez. The captain was such a jerk! Itachi Uchiha! Thinking he's so great because he's the captain. Do this. Do that. All the time. I just wanted to take that arrogant look off his face and ram it up his-

"Chizuru. What are you doing? Get into position."

Hell, just thinking of him made him appear. He's so obnoxious. He thinks he can have whatever girl he wants. He's got so many choices. Not me. Count me out! I mean his friend wasn't so bad but I can't stand this guy!


"I'll get there in a minute." I grimaced.

"Hurry up." he ordered

"When we get back from this mission I'm gonna ask why he's such a prick to me. He seems nice to everyone else and his mum was nice, so why me?"

"What did you say?" he asked.

"Nothing! Absolutely nothing. In position."

We crept up on our target. "One, two, three!" he counted.

We leapt forward and got the target.

It was a cat! In Samuals arms it struggled but when I took it from him, it purred loudly and fell asleep in my arms. "Cute kitty." I stroked her fur.

"Mission completed." Itachi said into the microphone.

"Can you identify the ribbon?"


"Good. Head back."

"Of course sensei. Chizuru can carry her back. She seems to like her."

"Shut up!" I yelled.

"I'll see you when you guys get back. Good work all of you."

"Arigatou gozaimasu sensei." I thanked him.

"Your welcome."

"We should head back." Sam smiled at me.

I smiled back and he blushed.

Itachi grumbled something. Sam was older then us, but Not by much.

I rolled my eyes and poked my tongue out at him. Jerk.


Itachi: 12

Chizuru : 11



"I'm not the one who slipped over!" I argued while laughing. It had been raining and the floor was wet and Itachi had slipped. Sam and I had started laughing at him.

Meanwhile, Itachi and my relationship hadn't gotten any better. In fact it might have actually gotten worse since we joined ANBU. We were young for Black Ops but experienced just the same.

"ANBU and you slipped in a puddle!" I continued laughing, starting to walk past him. He stuck his leg out and because I wasn't paying attention, I tripped over it and landed straight into a pile of mud.

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