"How could you!" Clover shouts, "How could you hit him!"

Ben is left speechless, not knowing what to say, "I-I didn't mean it"

"You hit Peter and now he's gone Dad! You couldn't even give him time to explain himself before you started yelling at him!" Clover shouts, her words muffled by sobs.

          May takes her daughter in her arms and holds her tight, but Clover pushes her away and runs out the same door Peter left through minutes before, determined to find her cousin. Ben follows shortly after, not about to let both his children wander at night alone. As Clover rushes out of the front of their apartment building, Ben catches his daughters arm and stops her fast movement.

"Hey, hey sweetheart, calm down. We're going to find Pete okay? Together." Ben says, soothing his daughter.

Clover nods and the two start calling Peter's name at every street they walk down.

          Elsewhere, Peter wanders the dark streets of Queens, nothing but pyjama pants and a light sweater to keep him warm. His cheek is still hot from the slap he got from uncle Ben. He knows that Ben hadn't meant to slap him, Peter knows that it wasn't intentional, but he couldn't help but be angry. There's so much pent up anger inside of Peter, anger against Flash, against his father and mother, against Clover, against Uncle Ben, against Aunt May. Peter is just so filled with anger and he's about to blow his top. All Peter had wanted to do was give Flash a taste of his own medicine. But the bad guys always seem to win, so why even bother punishing them in the first place if all they're going to do is keep doing it?

Peter stews in his thoughts as he continues walking down the street, not even caring to look at his surroundings. He doesn't need to, whatever the spider did to him just a day ago, had made him hyper aware, all his senses were dialled to eleven. That's when he hears shouting, not from his cousin and uncle calling his name, male voices.

"Hey! STOP, POLICE!" the voices shout.

Peter glances up to see a man in an orange jumpsuit running down the sidewalk, sprinting towards him.

"Hey kid stop that guy!" the voices of policemen shout.

Peter's earlier thought rings through his head and he moves out of the way to let the fleeing criminal pass.

The police officers continue their chase, shooting Peter a dirty look as they sprint past.

          Ben and Clover continue to shout for Peter, hoping that he'll hear them. They've been walking for what feels like hours and have travelled eleven blocks north of their building. Their throats are sore and bodies are cold from the lack of layers. Ben wraps his arm over his daughter, rubbing her arms to help her stay warm. She continues shouting until her voice cracks and she breaks down to tears for the second time tonight.

"Clover it's okay, we'll find Peter" Ben reassures.

"What if he never comes back?" Clover sobs into her father's shoulder.

"Shhh. Do you remember that time you lost your favourite stuffed animal in a taxi? You cried for hours. But you know what happened? Your mother and I searched all night for that stuffy, hailed down every cab until you know what? We found that stuffed animal and brought it right back to you" Ben says with a smile.

"What's the moral of the story dad, there's always one" Clover says with a small grin.

"Well, the moral of the story is that what you love will always come back to you as long as you have hope. Hope my dear Clover is the only thing that can never be taken away, as long as someone has hope, they can never truly lose"

          Clover leans closer into her father's shoulder and hugs him tight. His wise words stay in her mind and replay over and over as they continue to call out for Peter. But their voices are cut off by the sound of feet slapping against the ground in a flat out run. Both turn their heads to the sound and spot a man in all orange running down the street. The man runs so quickly, the pair can hardly react as he runs up to them, holding a knife out towards them.

"Gimme your money" he snaps.

Ben raises his hand and digs around in his pockets, "okay, okay, we don't want any trouble sir"

"Hurry up dude!" the criminal says.

Ben comes out empty and shrugs his shoulders, "I don't have anything"

"You're lying! Don't play with me!" the man shouts, taking a step closer.

"I'm not, I really don't have any money" Ben says.

          The man seems to snap, because he lunges at Clover with the knife. She braces herself for a pain in her stomach, but it doesn't come. Instead, her view is blocked, blocked by her father's back. Clover's breath catches in her throats as her father crumples to the ground. The man in the orange jumpsuit runs off in a hurry, leaving Clover with her father who's clothes begin to turn red. Clover kneels next to her father, the knife planted firmly in his stomach. She begins to panic, not knowing what to do. She pulls off her sweater and wraps it around the knife and yanks it out. It's then that more blood gushes from the wound and she knows she's made a mistake. Cussing under her breath, she places the sweater on her father's stomach, applying pressure.

          That's when she lets out a god awful cry for help. Anyone nearby, hears her cries for help, hears her blood curdling scream. Anyone also included Peter. Racing through the streets, Peter runs towards the scream. It is only after running three blocks that he saw the origin of the scream. A girl is kneeling on the ground next to a body, crying and screaming for help. It is only as he got closer that his breath catches in his throat. Clover is the girl and Ben is the body she kneels over. He runs to her as he begins to shout for help along with her. After what feels like hours, they hear sirens in the background.

          Ambulance, police cars and fire trucks pull up along the street corner. The three are quickly surrounded by EMTs as they check Ben's pulse. He isn't put on a stretcher, instead he is placed in a black body bag and sent to the morgue. Peter cradles Clover in his arms as she cries, her blood stained fingers grasping his arms. Police officers guide them into their car to take them home. As they walk down the hall to their apartment, Peter and Clover's hearts stop. Aunt May. She thought that when she opened that door she would have her whole family back, instead she would learn that her husband is dead and that she's now a widow and a single mother.

The police officer, named officer Rizzoli knock while her partner, officer Kramer tries to comfort the morning teens.

          May opens the door with a smile on her face, but soon turns to a look of confusion. She glances at her daughter and then her nephew, she sees the blood covering her daughter's clothes and her hand covers her mouth as she gasps. May brakes down right then and there, her heart breaking into a million pieces. The officers herd the family into the apartment and begin the necessary task of explaining what had happened. As the officers talk to the family for hours, all Peter can think about is the fact that he let the man who killed his uncle run past him. Whether he held the knife or not, Peter killed his uncle. And he didn't have the courage to tell Clover.

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