chapter 4

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The next morning Italy woke to the sound of yelling.
"Ve what's going on Germany?"
Italy looks over only to find out Germany is not in bed with him. Italy gets a little scared noticing the yelling is coming from Germany and someone else. This voice sounded very familiar to him but he couldn't place it. He climbs out of bed just in one of Germany's buttons up with it hanging to just above his knees and off one shoulder.
"I wounded why Germany is yelling. And who is that person? Ve its to early for this..."
The sleepy Italian slowly hops down the steps.
"Germany Germany germa..."
Italy looks up to see Germany .......

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Italy looks up to see germany yelling at Prussia. Prussia that's right. Italy suddenly remembers everything about the albino and all the torture and the night germany brought him and Romano home.
Italy whimpers out with little tears in his face.
"See burder look at what I told you of course he is just a little slut. Look at how he is dressed for god sakes! You wonder why I trashed him all those years back. He is weak useless and pathetic. Just an empty waste of space! He couldn't do anything right! The only thing he has half okay at was in bed! Even then he couldn't stop squirming and crying!"
Prussia yells while throwing italy to the ground. Germany quickly shoves his brother away from the small sniffling Italian as italy curls up in a ball.
"Your. Wrong. Your. Dead. WRONG!"
Germany yells at his brother protectively kneeling over italy.
"Italy is a nation just like you or I. Look at all he has gone threw from you and he is still here! He land is still free and happy!! His people are well fed no matter what he has to go threw from you! Its amazing the land even still exists! He is the strongest nation I know!!"
Germany glares up at prussia.
"Now get the hell out of my house butter and Dont you dare ever lay a finger on the Italian twins you got it"
Germany growls the last bit as prussia chuckles.
" Finally got you to get protective of someone eh bruder?"
Germany frowns confused at Prussia's actions.
"What are you talking about bruder?"
"Kesesese nothing I said was a lie but I wanted to truly know if my little strong bruder has stooped so low to care for the weak. I'll gladly leave. Someone so week is no brother of mine. This is nothing how I planned to rise you to be."
Germany stares shocked at the albino as he walks out the quickly changes focused to the whimpering ball of sniffles under near him.
"Italy!! Hey everything's okay he is gone Don't worry I'll protect you. I'll always protect you."
"I-I want Mi f-fratello."
Germany nods
"Okay I'm going to pick you up and call Spain okay? It will be okay they will be here soon."
Italy nods softly cuddling into Germany's arm as he picks him up and dials the phone.

                   Spain's pov
I can't believe how attached im getting to south italy. He is so snappy and complains a lot but I can completely tell that he enjoys and cares about everything I do for him. I was just sitting here with him laying next to me watching who knows what as my phone goes of.
"Hey lovi Germany is calling think It may be your brother??"
Romano looks over and growls.
"Then answer it bastard!!"
"Lovi that's not niiiice! But okaaay."
I answer the phone and put it on speaker phone.
"Hola!! Its spain and romano here!"
Germany Nervously starts to speak.
"Hey its me germany italy isn't​ doing so good please come over."
I look to my side and already see romano flying around outing on clothes and his shoes.
"No Mi fratello won't ever suffer again we have to go now! He needs me!"
I laugh a little and hop in the car.
"Okay then let's get on going"

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