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"How was your dinner doll?" Lauren asked once she'd picked Camila up. "Good, I wish you would've come though" the small girl pouted. She'd invited Lauren, but the older woman insisted Camila needed some time to be big, and have some fun with her friends. "I know doll, maybe next time okay? Now, do you wanna go straight to mine or stop at your apartment and get you changed first?" Lauren asked, looking over at Camila when she hit a red light.

"Can we go to my apartment? I'm kinda cold and I wanna get this makeup off" Camila yawned, leaning her head on the window. Lauren hummed, making a turn towards Camila's apartment.

"Okay baby, why don't you go get that makeup off and we'll get you changed in something cozy hm? It's only 6:30 and I wanna show you some things before we watch dory" Lauren said, sending the girl in the direction of her bathroom.

Once Camila came out, she was a little sleepier, and immediately cuddled into Lauren's arms when the older girl picked her up. "Such a sleepy baby tonight, why don't you take a little nap in the car and when we get home I'll show you some little things I bought today" Lauren cooed, laying the girl down and beginning to diaper her up. Camila nodded, sighing in content when she felt her body being slipped into a pair of warm fleecy footie pajamas.

Camila was almost asleep by the time Lauren buckled her into her car seat, and was out by the time they pulled out of the parking lot. She slept calmly, softly suckling on her thumb as her head bobbed back and forth with the movement of the car.

Lauren opened the door once she'd parked, deciding to get the girl to bed and just show her everything tomorrow. She tried to keep still, but the small girl started to wake up as soon as the cold air hit her neck and face. "How 'bout.we get you to bed doll" Lauren cooed, seeing if she'd fall back asleep.

"Nuh uh mama, wan' stay up" Camila said, sitting up in Lauren's arms. She wiggled down, toddling to the couch and making herself comfortable. "Well as long as you're awake, wanna see some of the things I bought you today?" Lauren asked. Camila nodded eagerly, making Lauren chuckle and head to the front door where she'd left a several large shopping bags.

When she walked back over, Camila's eyes widened at the labels printed on each bag. She was expecting a toy or maybe a few outfits from target or something, but this was way more than that. Each name printed was designer, and Camila could tell Lauren had definitely spent a lot on her. "Those are designer clothes! That stuff's expensive!" She said. "Little girls shouldn't be concerned with how much their mommies spend on things. But just so you know, mama has more than enough money, and has no problem spending it on you" Lauren cooed, pulling Camila into her lap.

"Okay" Camila sighed, giving in. She wasn't that fond of the idea of Lauren spending so much money on her, but she appreciated it nonetheless. "Now let's see some of the little clothes I bought you" the older woman smiled, bringing up the first bag. "I know I put you in a lot of dresses, but you look so cute in them. Plus the weathers getting hotter and you should be able to run and play without overheating." Lauren smiled, pulling out a neatly folded stack of baby doll style dresses.

Camila smiled, liking each one Lauren showed her. They were in a variety of colors and patters, and looked lot like stuff an actual toddler would wear. Many of them came with matching diaper covers too, and Camila blushed when Lauren showed them to her. Lauren went through more clothes other than dresses, all of which Camila liked.

"Last bag doll, now I know you don't know this, but I work at a very large company. We make and sell alot of things, and I'm the CEO" Lauren explained. "So you're the boss?" Camila asked innocently, tilting her head to the side. "Yup, I own everything, which means mama has to go to a lot of events and things, and I was hoping you'd like to come with me to some" Lauren smiled hopefully.

Camila smiled, softly nodding her head. "Great doll, but you'll need some things to wear, and I saw a few little things I just couldn't resist getting." Lauren said. She pulled out a box, filled with things from tights and ruffly diaper covers, to hair bows and ribbons. After looking through that, she pulled out a stack of shoe boxes, containing a few pairs of little Mary Jane shoes in both black and white, and some dressy flats. Emptying out the rest, Lauren showed Camila some party dresses, which were fancier than the others but she wouldn't be uncomfortable in.

"Thank you mommy" Camila smiled, kissing Lauren's cheek. "You're welcome baby, anything for you" Lauren smiled back, moving all the new things off to the side and laying on the couch with Camila laying on her chest.

"Now I seem to remember promising a certain little girl something, but I just can't put my finger on it" Lauren teased, patting Camila's back and talking her chin thoughtfully. "Dory mama! You said we'd watch dory!" Camila squealed. "Nooo, that can't be it" Lauren continued. "Yes mama don't you remember? You said we'd watch dory!" Camila giggled, finding Lauren's 'forgetfulness' funny. "Oh right! Well then what are we waiting for?" Lauren smiled, turning on the TV.

She remained laid on the couch, Camila's head on her chest and legs on either side of her waist.

Lauren chuckled when Camila fell asleep less than 20 minutes later, unable to stay up past her bedtime, considering it was only 8:45.

Lauren carefully got up with Camila still in her arms, and turned off the TV, making sure everything was locked before walking upstairs.

"Nanight baby doll, sweet dreams" Lauren whispered, kissing Camila's forehead and pushing a pacifier onto her mouth. Camila's nose twitched a little, and Lauren turned on the mobile to soothe her.

She quietly pulled the crib bars up and turned the baby monitor on, quietly slipping out the door.

Please tell me what y'all wanna see next or in the future!

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