Into You ~ Part 11 {Jackson FF}

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"Y/N?" Jaebum asks confused and you shook your head and looked at him.

"Is everything okay? You seem a little out it," Jaebum says looking into your eyes and you looked down at your food. Aish You suck at hiding how you feel.

"Everything is great... I'm just tired." you answered but that wasn't the real explanation and you knew Jaebum can see right through you..

"You're lying. Please tell me." Jaebum says and you sighed. See just as you expected Jaebum knew you were lying.

You couldn't continue leading him on. He was to good of man to hurt him in any way. You did like Jaebum, he was sweet, incredibly cute, funny and just boyfriend material... but you were heads over heels for jackson... Jackson was stopping you from liking Jaebum any further.

"Jaebum....." You stopped before you could continue and you see Jaebum chuckle. What's funny?

"Let me guess.. someone else is in the picture?" Jaebum asks and you looked at him surprised. How did he possibly know?

"H-how did you know?" you asked surprised and he sighed.

"I know that look. When I began to talk to you, you would look away probably thinking about that one person who won't leave your mind. It's okay I understand..." Jaebum says and you looked down feeling like shit. Fuck did you just hurt Jaebum? You should've told Jaebum earlier..

"Jaebum I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to lead you on. I really did like you. But it's ju-" he cuts you off before you could finish blabbbing.

"Just can't seem to get that one person off your mind?" Jaebum asks you and you nodded slowly trying not look at how hurt he must be.

"It's okay, trust me. I understand... I was in your situation." Jaebum says grabbing your hand and you were beyond surprised that Jaebum was so understanding about this.

"Are we cool?" you asked uneasy and he nods and smiles. Ah you were so relieved that he didn't make it into a big deal..

"Of course. I like you, however I rather have you as a friend than lose you completely." Jaebum says and you blushed. It still sucks to know Jaebum still likes you and there is nothing you can do about it... But it's good to know that Jaebum still wants you apart of his life.

"You're the best." You said getting up from your seat. He does the same and the two of you pulled each other into a hug.

As you two were embracing he whispers saying "He's one lucky man.."


Jackson's Point of View

"I don't know what to do. How should I confess!?" I asked as I paced back and forth feeling stressed out about this whole thing. I never had to go up to a girl and tell her how I felt.. There was never a girl who made me was to try hard.. until I met Y/N..

"First of all calm down. Stressing over this isn't going to help you think of an idea," Bambam says as he threw the ball in the air and catches it with his hands. He continued to do the same thing over and over

"You have no idea how much I like her. I can't screw this up. This is my last chance!" I bickered as I put my hands over my head and sighed. I just can't fuck up anymore.

"Wow I never thought I would ever see the day where Jackson is so worked up over a girl," Bambam teases and I glared at him giving the death glare.

"Okay don't do anything too cliche, why don't you take her to the carnival?" Bambam suggest causing me to stop walking and I smiled at him. For once Bambam didn't give me such an awful idea..

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