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I was terrified. What else would you feel when you hear your name called on Reaping day. The steps up the stage seemed taller when you actually have to climb them. Hundreds of pairs of eyes watching you. And this is only the beginning.

"I'm Finnick Odair." He holds out his hand for me to shake.

"I know"

I push my self to meet his hand.

"(Y/n) (L/n)"

"I know." I look up at him confused, "Well I do now." He laughs.

"We need to get moving. Train leaves in a few minutes." Finnick nods to the train behind me.

"Okay." I follow him to board the train. I look back once. This will be the last time I see my district. I'll never get to see the ocean again. I'll never get to see my family again.

"What're you thinking about?" Finnick asks.

We've been on the train for hours now. I sit without saying a word to my mentor or my district partner. They've been going on and on about strategies. But I sit and think.

"The ocean." I look up and meet eyes with Finnick. "I'm never going to see it again."

"Don't think like that (Y/n)" My district partner, Chive, tells me.

I look over to him.

"You're not gonna see it again either."

He breathes out angrily.

"You know you don't have to be Miss Debbie Downer all of the time. This is the Hunger Games. One of us can get out." He continues. Finnick still hasn't said anything. He just watches me with cautious eyes.

"This is a death sentence. I might be bringing the attitude down but I'm being realistic. There's a pair just like us, being sent into the games. Only difference is they've trained their wholes lives for this." I stand up.

"Such a bitch."

I just laugh. He's right. I was being a bitch. But I was right to be. I had the right to be mad about this. We are children. I used to tell my parents I wasn't a child anymore but it's a lie. I needed to think that then. But now I see it the way they see it. I'm a child. Sixteen is too quick to me killed. I've barely lived and now it's already over.

"Now that's a first." A voice pulls me out of my thoughts once again. I didn't even notice him follow me into my room.

"What? Every other tribute you've trained has been cheery to go off to their deaths?"

"Not quite cheery more like, optimistic." He grins a little.

I snort.

"Well I guess I'm a realist."

"That you are."

Finnick sits beside me at the end of my bed, the window sits before us. We're going too fast to notice the landscape.

"What? You aren't gonna give me the speech about 'If you stay on the bright side of things you'll be fine' ?" I ask in shock.

"With this attitude you aren't gonna win. You're right. Chive isn't gonna win either. But at least he is thinking the right things. Asking the right questions."

I roll my eyes.

"You know, you remind me of a girl I trained a few years back."

"Annie?" I ask.

He looks up at me surprised I knew who he was talking about. Everyone in the district thought there was something more going on there. The way the capitol showed them made it seem like they were closer than mentor and student. Before anyone asked, she was sent into the arena where she met her fate.

"Yeah. She was more worried about was she didn't do than what she could do to save herself." Finnick has composed himself by now.

"So what, you're rooting for me now? Based on what?" I ask.

"You. I can see it in the way you talk. The way you act. You fight. You fight everyone on everything. You can't give up now that the fight has gotten a little harder."

He's right. I am a fighter.

"But what if this battle is too big for just me?" I ask.

"That's why you have me. I will be there for you each stop of the way. I will do everything I can to get you trained. I will do everything I can to get you sponsors."


"Do you trust me?" Finnick questions.

"Yes. I trust you Finnick."

I look up into his eyes. They're beautiful, I've never been close enough to see the flecks of white and grey in them. His eyes hold onto mine before his eyes drop. It takes me a second to realize he's looking at my lips now.

I scoot closer to him on the bed. Our legs are touching, his hand reaches forward and moves a stray hair behind my ear. I close my eyes for a second to breath. Is this too soon? I just met him and now I'm almost kissing him.

I open my eyes to see Finnick is starting to lean in. I stop him, brushing my lips against his for a second before putting my finger on his. We're both breathing heavy in anticipation.

"This will have to wait until I win the games." I smirk.

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