Blew My Mind Away

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(O'Hare's POV)

Sie took me to his apartment which was in an old run down building. He lived in the bad part of town that never got rebuilt in the fake tree era. We had to walk up four flights of stairs to get to his place. I looked at his door as he reached in his pocket to get the keys.

The door was made of old wood covered in scratch marks and many signs of age. I heard the lock click when Sie turned the key into the knob. The door squeaked open and I analyzed his home. It looked like the last time he got furniture was hundreds of years ago. The chairs, the tables, even the floor were all worn out. An unsettling silence filled the room and a gloomy darkness completed the eerie surroundings from the lack of light. Only a single light bulb in the ceiling and a lamp shade in the living room brought somewhat of a glow to the place, little it may be.

"What a dump. I really should've paid you more.." I mumbled to Sie, trying not to show how desperately grateful I was for his generosity. After all it was better than being on the cold streets.

"I know it's not much but try to make yourself at home." He answered, eyes glued to the ground in shame.

I looked around again, letting myself accept that this is my life now. I walked into the living room and sat on the ripped up sofa.

"Did you used to have a pet or something?" I asked, observing the marks.

"I had a cat but I had to give it away. Not enough here to support it." He said, giving a blank stare, probably reliving memories of his cat.

"Are you hungry? Do you need to take a shower? I have a room you can sleep in would you like to get settled in it?" He asked, a strange concern in his voice.

Why does he care this much? Is he like this to every body?

"Dinner sounds nice actually." I said.

"Perfect, I'll get you some food right away," he said, rushing into the kitchen to put together anything he could find in his practically empty pantry.

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