Movie nights | Preference

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You'd have movie nights a lot with Rye. Most of the time you'd stay at home and just watch movies on your laptop or on the TV, but if neither of you were sleepy, you'd take a trip to the cinema quite late at night. It would be so late that it would just be the two of you there, accompanied by the film on in front of you.

Brook would usually come home and just cuddle up with you on the sofa. He'd let you choose the movie, sometimes you'd make him choose, sometimes you'd pick whatever you fancied. You'd get the popcorn and snacks if Brooklyn was choosing and you'd watch the movie together.

When having a movie night, Andy would usually go to the local shop and get all of your favourite snacks. You'd cuddle up on the sofa together and watch whatever movie looks good until you fall asleep. Andy would carry you upstairs and keep a film on just in case you woke up.

You wouldn't have movie nights often, but when you did you'd go full out. Mikey would find a load of movies or series to binge watch together, usually Harry Potter, and you'd just cuddle and keep your eyes on the screen all night. You'd only fall asleep when every single movie is finished, so mid-morning. Days like this would be your favourite even though they don't happen often.

Jack's more of a series guy, and finds endless amounts of shows for you to watch together. When you finish one series, you'd move onto another. The cycle is endless and he'd always find a good series to start. You would get all the snacks and both of you would pick at them over the night. Jack would cuddle you all night and not let you out of his grasp as your eyes are fixated on the screen.

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