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            Chapter 33

Tinsley’s POV:

            The first thing I was aware of as I came back to consciousness was a pounding headache. I felt like I had been run over by a truck, then the truck backed up and ran me over again. Cracking open my eyes, I squinted at the bright light and winced slightly.

            “Tinsley? Sweetheart, can you hear me?” Daniel’s face suddenly loomed in front of me, blurring slightly. I blinked continuously until I could see his sharp features more clearly.

            “Yes,” I croaked. Looking around I realized I was in his bedroom with my brother on the other side of the bed. “What happened?” This time Aaron answered.

            “You were at school and you passed out after seeing something in the woods. What was it?” Daniel hissed under his breath and scowled at my brother, not liking the blunt way the question had been phrased. Aaron was known to never beat around the bush, he got right to the point.

            “The school…” I murmured, thinking about it. The woods. Jonah. “Jonah.” I murmured.

            “Jonah?” Aaron and Daniel both said in unison, using different tones. Aaron sounded confused while Daniel sounded a little envious.

            “Who the hell is Jonah?” Daniel continued, switching his gaze between Aaron and I.

            “Her childhood best friend.” Aaron quickly answered his question before focusing on me again. “What about him?”

            “He was there. In the woods.” My voice shook as I recalled it. He looked older and his face had taken on a rougher edge but it was definitely still the tan, doe eyed boy that I had spent my childhood running after.

            “Tinsley,” Aaron started, his eyes filling with pity. He didn’t believe me.

            “No Aaron, don’t Tinsley me. It was him, I know it.” I stated firmly.

            “Tinsley, Jonah died that night. You know this. He died with the rest of the pack, we were the only survivors.” He said gently. I shook my head fiercely, knowing what I saw.

            “Were the bodies ever found Aaron? How are we so sure that everyone died?” He sighed and ran his hand through his short blond hair.

            “I wasn’t entirely truthful with you about what happened when we went back the next day. By the time the other wolves got there to help, our pack was burned to the ground. Everything had been set on fire and burned to a crisp. No, we never found all the bodies but that’s just because they were burned too badly.” An idea suddenly struck me that had my breath catching in my throat.

            “How can you be so sure? You just admitted you never found all the bodies. There’s a chance Aaron that he could still be alive. I know what I saw today. It was him, it was Jonah.” I leaned forward, looking into his eyes so he could see how serious I was.

            “Let’s say hypothetically that he somehow managed to survive. Why now? Why show up after ten years and even more, why just stare at you without saying anything?” I was at a loss for words, grateful when Daniel interrupted.

            “Wait a minute, hold on. Jonah is your old best friend who was thought to have died the night your pack was attacked?” He clarified, making me nod. “But you’re saying that without a doubt, you saw him today.” I nodded again. He looked at me for a long minute, searching my face. “If you say you saw him, then I believe you. So now we have to look into the possibility that not everyone died that night. Aaron can you please get into contact with your uncle and go over all of the details again. I want to know if there is any chance that other people survived.”

            Aaron sighed wearily but nodded and walked out of the bedroom, pulling out his cell phone. My head was abuzz with the new possibility that Aaron and I weren’t alone in being the sole survivors. Glancing at Daniel, I noticed his expression was completely at ease as he gazed at me, one of my hands engulfed in one of his.

            “What?” I asked, smiling.

            “Nothing, just admiring the beauty in front of me.” I blushed at his compliment.

            “Well shoot, no one told me Leighton Meester was in the room.” I joked, naming one of my favorite actresses. Daniel let out a loud, throaty laugh and shook his head, climbing onto the bed.

            “You really are beautiful baby girl. So beautiful, it’s distracting.” He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

It was meant to be a light, quick kiss but my hormones got the better of me. Reaching up, I wound my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He groaned into my mouth and settled himself on top of me, pressing the hard contours of his body against mine. My wolf howled at me to continue the mating process and at the moment, I wanted nothing more. The minute his lips touched mine, all coherent thoughts left my mind. His hands trailed down my sides, slipping his hands under my shirt to trace abstract figures on the bare skin of my stomach. My body burned as his hands moved up further to trace along the edge of my bra. He moaned when I wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing our bottom halves closer. Tugging on his hair lightly, I gasped breathlessly as his lips moved from my mouth down to the side of my neck.

“Oh.” I gasped as I bumped up another notch as he ground his hips into mine.

I made up my mind right then and there that this was the moment. I wanted Daniel and I wanted him at that very moment. I could tell from the burning lust in his eyes that he didn’t want to stop either. My excitement increased as his hands inched my shirt up, preparing to take it off.  

“Oh gross! Don’t take her shirt off, that’s my sister!” And of course Aaron walks in.

Just my luck.