Under the Mistletoe - Nico Rosberg

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I had to stop the car!
It was one of this days my heart was racing just because I was excited to see him...
My best friend, my bodyguard, my boy, my man, my crush, my dreams boyfriend, but as he says, my brother😒.

It's painful to feel all of this and do nothing. Nico and I, we are best friends for YEARS now, and I felt in love with him the moment I saw him. It's just hard to see him with other girls, specially his actual girlfriend Vivian. I don't hate her, but I don't love her either.
The girl pretends she likes me in front of Nico, but when he's not around she's the most annoying human being you can imagine... Or just all the time.

Now, it's Christmas time and Nico is back home. All is family is there and he invited me to their special Christmas eve dinner. Can you imagine? Everyone there, having fun, probably all his friends with their girlfriends, Nico with his girlfriend and me? Alone for sure! But Nico is my best friend... I don't care about doing something just to make him happy, I love him and for him I'll go.

And that's why I'm here like a idiot with my car parked in front of his house, with fear and already feeling my heart about to explode... because of Nico...
Just give me strength God, I beg you.

"YN." Keke screamed when he opens the door. "Beautiful I missed you so much. How are you? You're go big."

"Hi uncle Keke." I smiled hugging him. He was like my second father, and I loved him a lot. He saw me growing up so it's normal when he says I look big, because I actually do. " I missed you too papa Keke. I'm very good thank you, what about you?"

"I'm fine too sweetheart. Honey YN is here" he shouted to his wife who came walking fast to hug and compliment me.

"I brought some presents but they are too many so I left them in the car."

"No problem we can worry about them later." They responded guiding me to their living room where everyone was having a good time. I could spot my parents who I went to compliment very fast, they arrived before me because I was working, so yeah... but I spotted some of Nico's friends but nothing about Vivian... maybe they are upstairs together...

"Where is Nico?"

"He's upstairs... you know his room." I nod and left to see him. You have to understand that it's hard to be so far away from someone you like, specially when he is your best friend.

"Hey." He was locking his door but when he saw me he just left it wide open and came to give me the best hug in the world. I could swear he loved me just because of that hug. He was so loving, but at the same time so tight and comfortable... it was those movies hug goals😂😂.. and it was my best friend, the one I love who was hugging me like this.

"I missed you." He said on my ear. He was so sexy but too adorable when he wanted to. He released me and everything felt like a movie. He go closer and stood there looking and scanning my face slowly like we had all the time in the world. "My little YN" he smiled and kissed my temple. He was being too much JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH adorable. It was weird to see him like this, but maybe because it was almost 9 months without seeing each other... Yes formula one stole him from me, from us. "Come one, let's see the others."

Dinner was okay but the way everyone was looking at me specially Nico, was weird. Something wasn't right and I was the only one who didn't knew. And also Nico was very quite, I hate to see him quite, it's so boring and annoying.

"YN, wanna go outside?" I nod and we went to his backyard super green full of roses but now iluminated by the stars.

"Is there something wrong? Why isn't your girlfriend here?" He smiled and shook his head. He knew I never liked her and I would always talk about her is a sarcastic way.

"We broke up!" I felt my heart beating faster and all my body relaxing. I wasn't happy because I knew he likes her, but I was relieved and that's all. "She was too much".

"And it took you 2 years to understand that?" Okay I didn't want to ask like this but Nico can be very slow sometimes. He nod without saying nothing else.



"How you feel when you see your favourite things?" It was the most weird question someone could ask me, how I felt... it's hard to describe I mean... he looked at me expecting his answer.

"Well... it's like feeling the air in your lungs, or something alike. It's like eating your favourite food. I feel pleasure, happiness and something I'll never understand what it is. "

"I feel breathless everytime I see my favourite person." Oh great he has another girl! Fabulous. I preferred to stay in silence and lock my tears...

"I have to go." I got up and he grabbed my wrist. He was so monotonous and calm. It was frustrating me, all this situation. And I just wanted to cry.

I waved my goodbye for everyone and seems like no one was bothered that I was leaving.

Nico took me to the door and we both stood there looking at each other. His eyes were shining bright and he was smiling perfectly nice while scanning my face... when I saw.... the Mistletoe... OMG

"Nico" I said looking above us and he just nod. He knew it! bastard.

"Can I?" He asked getting closer and I couldn't understand what was going on... my best friend wanted to...kiss me
I did the only thing I could: nod. " I feel breathless everytime I see my favourite person... You! I love you." OMG he was talking about me...me me me me...
He kissed me passionately, starting it shy but then making it slowly strong and agressive. "Marry me"! 

I couldn't believe it... I fainted.

😂😂😂😂 I know Christmas is over but I just decided to try this one😂😂😂 I ended up ruining it😂😂😂😂

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