;chapter eight

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recap: joey came home cause he didn't feel good about the Ally situation. when he arrived home though, he found out that ally wasn't mad anymore so he asked her out so they're now dating. then Joey wanted to go back on tour & bring Ally so she is packing for that now.

Alaska's pov
I still can't believe i'm dating Joey. it's an amazing feeling. he texted me the details of all the places we were going so I could pack accordingly. i then texted my best friends Libby & Grace for back home in Brighton.

A-"guys i'm coming back to England for like 2 days!!"
G-"what? when?!"
A-"in 2 days! i'm going on tour with Joey & this group called mag."

they knew who joey was obviously cause i had already told them about him because they are my best friends.

L-"omg we literally already have tickets to go see them!! bahah"
G-"we're the ones who showed u all of them."
A-"oh wow i totally forgot u knew who they were haha."
L-"yeah. some of them are soooo hot!"
A-"hahaha yeah. anyways, i'm gonna get to see u guys!!"
L-"ik. i'm so hyped now!"
"i gtg but ly x"
L-"bye! x"
G-"ttyl x"
– *2 days later: getting off the plane* –
characters for mag:
Loren B-L: herself •16
Tyler B-T: himself •16
Blake G-BG: himself •17
Hunter R-H: himself •16
Geo R-G: himself •17
Mark T-M: himself •16
Cameron D-C: himself •18

we just arrived in Brighton, England & the tour buses were outside the airport waiting for us. when we walked out in its direction everyone was standing outside.

"hey bro. you weren't gone for long."-T. I didn't know he was on this tour. "hey Ally." he said hugging me. "hey"

everyone looked at me kinda shocked. why? idk but I looked around seeing some familiar faces. I know some of these people cause Grace & Libby are obsessed with all the social media stars.

"everyone, this is my girlfriend Alaska." Joey said as I waved to them. "this is Geo, Loren, Mark, Cam, Blake, Hunter, & Tyler."-j.

the only people I didn't know were Mark & Hunter but i'm sure I'll be friends with them by the end of the month.

Tayler's pov
— play back to right before Joey & —
———— Ally showed up ————–
I was standing with Geo, Cam & Blake waiting for Joey to show up.

"so why do you think Joey left, but is coming back so fast?"-BG.

everyone knew Joey left because he felt sick for about a week & a half but no one knew why or which virus he had. I knew why he was sick & he never even told me.

"I bet you when Joey walks through that door, he'll be smiling constantly." "no he's gonna feel bad that he even left."-G. "$10" "deal." he said shaking my hand. "I also bet you he'll be back with a girl." "no. why would he be back with a girl? he was sick."-C. "$15" "let's do it." he said shaking his head.

I knew Joey felt sick because he missed Ally & when he left, they weren't on the best terms so he felt bad for making her sad. why else would he come back on tour if he didn't make things better which Ally & he would bring her cause he wouldn't want to go back to what happened. they're cute & he should man up & ask her out.

all the sudden I was interrupted from my thoughts by people gasping. I looked over at what they were looking at & it was Joey with Ally. I walked over saying hi.

i just won $25. cool. after I said hi, I walked back over to the guys & told them to pay up. "that's not even fair. you probably talked to him or her about it."-G. "nope. I already knew cause that's Joey's best friend & they are never separated. "...this is my girlfriend Ally."-J. go Joey. "nevermind, I guess they're dating." I said to the guys. they all rolled their eyes & got out their wallets & payed me. that was a good bet.

Joey's pov
i'm so happy to be with Ally on tour. Especially cause she's my girlfriend.

anyways, we were on a bus with Loren, Geo, & Tyler which I was good friends with all of them so I didn't mind. we went onto our bus & put are stuff away then just chilled. I sat on a couch & Ally came to sit beside me, then everyone came to sit in the lounge area.

"so you have a British accent."-g. "thanks for clearing that up, mate."-A. everyone laughed. "it's so cool."-g. "thank you."-A. "so you're from here then i'm assuming."-g. "yep. this is actually my hometown."-A. "oh that's cool." he paused.

"so how are you with joey then?"-g. "I moved to California a while ago."-A. "ah I see."-geo.

"you're really pretty."-L. I totally agree. "not as pretty as you."-A. "aw you're really sweet."-L.

"so how did you find Joey?"-L. "we're neighbours."-A. "oh ok."-L.

we kept talking for a while then went our separate ways kinda. Ally & I were cuddling while on social media while Loren was on broadcast.

"omg everyone is saying #Jalaska" Loren laughed & looked at us. i kissed Ally on the cheek & the chat went crazy. I laughed at everything they said cause they were all shipping us & that we should date. "chill guys, Mr & Mrs Birlem are dating." Loren said then kept doing her broadcast.

all the sudden, everyone else burst through the door welcoming themselves onto our bus.

"yo. we're gonna hang here. it's boring on our bus."-C. nobody answered but just looked at them, then went back to what we were doing.

"you guys, everyone wants us to play truth or dare."-L. "ok."-G. Ally came to sit in my lap as everyone took their seats then we started playing truth or dare. Loren read off truth or dares from people in the chat.

"ok geo. truth or dare?"-L. "truth."-G. "@lorenslove asks, would you rather date me or Ariel?"-L. "Loren." he said to the camera. "it's official, #leo is real!"-A. "no #Jalaska!"-L. Ally got off my lap & leaned over & winked at the screen. awh she's so cute.

"ok anyways, Joey. t or d?"-L. "dare." "@perfectloren dares you to- oh ok." she said smirking. I bet you it's gonna have something to do with Ally. "she dares you to give Ally...."-L.


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