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August 21, 2011

There are sleepover parties called ‘screamers’ that many teens participate in during high school. This is my, Cassiarina Mondragon’s, screamer experience.

I showed up with my friends at Nyssa’s house for a sleepover she had invited us to. This was an epic event in our high school social life for Nyssa was the head cheerleader and we, my friends and I, were nothing but geeks. A. K. A. The Blips. Heck, this was my first sleepover ever. So, I had decided to wear my cutest set of pajamas.

As we walked up the sidewalk to Nyssa’s porch she opened the door with a smile like the Cheshire cat’s smile on her lips. I started to get a little suspicious as common sense question started running through my mind.

“Why is she smiling so wide?”

“Since when is Nyssa nice to us?”

“Since when does she even talk to us?”

My mind was suddenly racing around in circles but I managed to push the thoughts to the back of my mind until there was just a nagging feeling in my gut.

“Hi girls!” Nyssa started, “How about we get this sleepover started?”

I started grinning as anticipation started to set it and cover up the suspicions that I had had as we all stepped into Nyssa’s house. She started to hand out slips of paper to all of us.

“These look like… directions?” Rebecca said making it sound like a question.

“They are directions, to where we’re actually going to have the sleepover.” Allison, one of Nyssa’s sycophants, told us, “We, Nyssa and I, figured we would make this sleepover a little more interesting by having it at the old abandoned asylum.”

“So hurry up girls or we won’t get there before sunset!” Nyssa ordered us all.

We all hurried to the cars and I jumped into the car with Ivory, my best friend since birth, and she jumped into the driver’s seat and started up the car pulling out and heading towards the old asylum.

I was a little nervous about spending the night at the old asylum as we drove there. Roosevelt Asylum had been shut down in the late 1960s when the patients had all rioted against the main doctor for experimenting on them. The patients had supposedly killed the doctor and hid the body. Since then the doctor’s body has yet to be found. Nowadays it is rumored to be haunted and if someone were to stay there overnight the ghosts would drive that person insane.

When I finally snapped back to the present from my thoughts I realized that we were at the old asylum. I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and stepped out of the car slowly.

I grabbed my overnight bag and headed towards the steps that lead up to the door of the asylum where Nyssa and Allison were already waiting.

“Finally slow pokes!” Nyssa exclaimed as she opened the large wooden doors.

We all made our way in and looked around. It looked every bit the haunted asylum it was rumored to be. The few lights that still worked were swinging by their wires and flickering on and off every now and then. There was a cold, wet draft running through the air causing goosebumps to rise on my arms and the hair on my neck to stand on end. The walls were stained and a little moldy from the building not being tended to for the past few years. The floor was covered in old newspapers and the hall had medical carts scattered all the way down it with some of them tipped over on their sides.

“Okay girls, we’re staying in the examination room. Go down the hall and there should be a door off the left that says examination on the door.” Nyssa directed us.

Allison took the lead in front of everybody and led us down the hall to the correct room. When we reached it, it had even more of an eerie feeling to it. There were old examination tables in there with mattresses that still had the imprints of the people who had laid in them on them. I could hear the wind whipping against the windows causing them to creak and squeal.

Fear started to creep up inside of me. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to do this anymore. I also didn’t want to be the first one to chicken out.

I placed my stuff down beside Ivory’s and then stood back up pulling my hair back into a ponytail. Without realizing it I started to yawn, feeling a little tired.

“Please tell me you girls aren’t tired already.” Nyssa said, “The night has just begun. First, we’re all going to split up into groups and explore this place.”

I bit my lip not liking that part. Why do we have to split up and explore? I shake my head not wanting to.

“Come on! Stop being so scared!” Nyssa exclaimed, “Cassiarina you’re with Ivory. Rebecca you’re with Trista. I’ll be with Allison. Finally Laura is with Ashley. So get to it and get moving.”

With that Nyssa left the room smiling with Allison. I looked over at Ivory and smiled a little.

“At least I’m with my best friend.” I said.

I shrugged a little and started to walk out the room with Ivory. As soon as I stepped out I let out a blood curdling scream.

When I had stepped out of the room a test dummy fell from above the door and it was covered in what looked like blood. I took a calming breath when I realized exactly what it was.

“Okay, now I know why Nyssa invited us to a sleepover here.” Ivory said matter-of-factly, “She’s going to scare the crap out of us all night.”

“Well then let’s get ahead of them so they can’t set up another one of their dirty tricks.” I said to Ivory grabbing her arm and heading towards the stairs to go down to the experimentation room.

When we got to the Experimentation Room suddenly goosebumps appeared on my arms and the hairs on my neck started to rise. I looked around as did Ivory and saw that the walls had old crusted blood on them from when experimentations had been done on the patients. There was also mold since the room was damp and musty.

I pushed Ivory in ahead off me and we start to explore the room separately. I walk over to the curtained off area and I could no longer see Ivory anymore. I began to get the feeling that someone was watching and following me so I sped up through the curtains.

As I was going I heard the curtains behind me shuffle. I turned around and saw the shadow of somebody through the curtain. I slowly moved towards the corner and when I slid the curtain open I froze.

Standing on the other side of the curtain was an old man that was oddly see through and was holding a scalpel in his hand. When I saw the scalpel I started to scream but before I could I was being thrown across the room. I landed hard on the floor. When I tried to move I couldn’t. My body hurt and my vision was blurry the edges starting to go black. Just before I fell unconscious I heard Ivory scream and then I saw the old man move into my vision. The next thing that happens is blackness.


Daily Times                                                                                                                   August 22, 2011

                                       8 Girls Found Dead In Old Abandoned Asylum.

Eight girls were found dead this morning in the old abandoned asylum. The names of the deceases girls are Cassiarina Mondragon, Ivory Loveday, Nyssa Carlton, Allison Clark, Rebecca Smith, Trista Crossen, Ashley Nelson, and Laura Nelson. Some of them their chests were cut open as if an autopsy had been performed and with others the scalps had been sliced open. The mystery is that there are no traces of evidence to lead investigators to the murderer.

Many are not surprised though because of the old legend about the abandoned asylum. It is said that Roosevelt Asylum is…

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