Hello Fascination (BxB) ch13

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Caleb's POV

"Detention!?" I bellow, "But Mr. Anderson, I didn't even do anything!"

Mr. Anderson glares at over his wire-rimmed frames. "You started a minor food fight, Caleb. Now clean this up before next period."

I stomp my feet back to my table where Zach and Dani are sitting picking food out of eachother's hair. They glance up at me and crack twin smiles. Connor's covered in thick Ranch dressing, curiosity of me. No one else was in our little food tussle, I was just mad at myself and took it out on Connor and Dani thought I was being funny, so she emptied her tray onto Zach's head, who joyfully did the same to her.

Connor wipes the contents of my salad off of his head and frowns at me. I glare back at him. "Why did you just leave Chelsea at home?! You should've at least tried to make her come." I storm away from the lunch room and quickly run towards Chelsea's house.

Huffing and puffing, I make it there and burst through her front door. "Chelsea!" I shout and crawl/run up the stairs. My hand reaches her room's doorknob, but it won't budge. "Chelsea, open your door right now."

There's no answer. I pound my fist and call her name, but she's not responding. I quickly go to the closet at the end of the hallway and grab the spare key. I twist it into the knob and the door flies open.

Chelsea peeks over from her poofy comforter and rubs the sleep from her eyes. When she notices it's me, her eyes widen and she jumps up in a furry of blankets and hair.

"Caleb," she sobs as she suffocates me in a hug, "I'm sososososososo sorry." Her voice is just above a whisper and I hug her back just as tightly. "I shouldn't have-"

"Chelsea, I'm sorry. You have the right to be happy with someone other than me. Fuck, that's what I've been trying to make you do since forever! Chelseaaa, you're by bestie fo LYFE and I know I can always talk to you. I shouldn't have busted in here like that and ruin your sexy-sex time with your man because I would've gotten just as mad if you did that to me and T-.... TYLERRRRRR!" Sobs start to rack my body and Chelsea has to hug me tighter.

"Wh... What if I loose him Chels? He was my first everything. I'm still a little angry that he said he regretted it afterwards, but he still says he loves me. But what if I scared him off with my unfair bipolar-ness? What if he doesn't want me anymore Chels?"

A whole new set of tears fall slowly down my pale cheeks and Chelsea wipes them away with a careful hand. "No one can stay away from you, Caleb. You're amazing inside and out. Tyler probably just felt like he took advantage of you or something. This happened right after your parents found out, right? You went straight to him and he probably thinks you were just being over emotional. Because let's face it Caleb, you can be a little bit over s-"

"Do NOT say I am over sensitive, Miss Chelsea Day!" I playfully glare but we both burst out laughing. When we both settle down, I knead my hands together, looking down. "Can we talk about my parents now? I havn't really talked about them to anyone except Finn."

"You told Finn?" she asks and moves closer to me.

I nod and say, "I went to his house after I left here. He kisses me. It w-"

"Hold your shit; he did WHAT?!" Chelsea grabs my face in her hand.

Flipping the hair from my eyes, I relpy, "Finn kissed me. But before you jump to any conclusions, I only love him like a brother."

"Speaking of brothers, how was yours today? Did Patrick give you any trouble?" Chels eyes me worriedly.

"I... I've been avoiding him. I haven't even seen him since I told my parents." I burry my face in Chelsea's arm. He hates me. "And my parents didn't take the whole thing so well either."

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