Peeta- Don't Leave Me

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The door slams and I try not to flinch as I hear the snap of it. Peeta just stormed out of our house. Something that has been occurred too many times as of lately. The fighting continues. The stress of the Snow, Capital, Rebellion thing is really getting to him. 

He hasn't been the same since Snow had him. It took everything I had to not break down when I saw him trapped like that. He was broken. The love of my life was broken and I wasn't sure if I could help him. He wasn't himself. He even hated his best friend Katniss. 

"Did you guys see Peeta run by?" I asked two strangers. 

Down here in 13 everyone seems to know Peeta, Katniss, and I. It must be the whole victor thing. 

"I believe he went that way." One of the people I asked answered. 

"Thank you."

I keep walking around. 13 is so big it'll be nearly impossible to find him.

"Peeta?" I shout, rounding yet another corner. 

"(Y/n)?" Katniss asks. 

"Hey!" I run up to her, "Have you seen Peeta anywhere? He ran out on me and I need to find him."

"Yeah actually he came by my room." 

Duh! That's the first place I should've gone. 

"He's heading up to ground level. He said he needed some air."

"Ohh." I pause. Should I even be looking for him if he needs space?

"From everything, not you! He's just stressed out. He's been through a lot lately." Katniss puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder. 


I trek up yet another flight of stairs, thankfully it's the last one before ground level. I go to twist open the door to the roof when a voice cuts me off. 

"Stop." A deep voice stops me. 

I turn to see Bruce, head of security. 

"Air raid from the capital is coming in a few minutes. Everyone needs to get below ground." 

"No! But Peeta is out there!" I try to push past him. 

"I'm sorry ma'm but I can't let you out. Strict orders from Coin."

"Well fuck Coin. I'm going out there! If I'm not back in time, leave me out there I don't care." I push past Bruce and he doesn't try to stop me this time. 

"Peeta?" I shout. 

"(Y/n)?" Peeta questions. 

"We need to go right now!" I grab onto Peeta's hand and try to pull him towards the door. 


"What?" I turn around shocked. 

"I can't go back down there. I'm trapped. With Katniss, Coin... You. I just need some air." Peeta leans back down where he first was when I came out. 

"Peeta there is an air raid coming from the Capital. We need to go now." I plead. 

"Maybe I should stay up here then."

"Peeta, please don't talk like that." Tears have begun to slide down my cheeks. "If you're staying up here, I am too." 

"What? No, (Y/n)! You have to go back. You'll be done for up here." Peeta starts to push me toward the door. 

"Then don't leave me."  I answer. 

"Fine, but we have to go now. I can't loose you (Y/n). I love you so much." 

"I love you too Peeta. We'll get through this." 

Peeta nods approvingly a small smile on his face. I grin back at him as we head to the door hand in hand.

The couple died with a smile on their faces when the Capitol raided District 13. They never heard the planes coming, quiet with anticipation. If the pair had been a few seconds faster, they could've made it to safety. The safety of 13 and their family and friends but they never had the chance. 

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