Chapter 13- Waiting

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Third Person Point of View

The hero was in front of the judges, awaiting his rule to spend his afterlife. The room was dark but illuminated enough so that there was enough light for him to see. The room looked like it was made of obsidian and other volcanic rocks. But he could care less. He was chained and on his knees, thinking about what had been, thinking on how he spent his life. He hadn't known he would die this way. If he were to go back years ago, he would've passed out from shock. But there he was, wondering whether or not he did the right thing. He had kept his promise, but he hadn't kept his promise to Annabeth. He promised that he wouldn't leave her ever again.

"What shall we do with him? It would've been easy to just send him to Elysium, he saved the world plentiful times. But the thing is, Zeus wanted him dead, and I'm sure he doesn't want him to be in Elysium," the first judge asked the rest. He looked familiar to Percy. And then it clicked. He was King Minos, and he didn't have a good history with him. He kept Dadulus away from him. That's why he was trying to convince them for him not to go to Elysium.

"But he saved the world many times. We can't send him anywhere else even if the gods don't wish so. I mean, this is Percy Jackson." Another judge argued.

"Exactly. He is too dangerous. That is exactly why the gods wanted him killed. We should not move astray from our loyalty to them." King Minos said.

"He's right. We would be executed immediately if we were to not obey their orders." One of the judges input.

"Okay, by majority it shall be. For those that wish Percy Jackson to be put in Elysium, raise thy hand, and thou that do not, shall keep thy hand down. Now make your decisions!" This judge seemed more old fashioned. He wore an old traditional outfit and had a white beard.

Percy kept his head down in despair. He honestly didn't care anymore. His life was ruined, and so he didn't care what he did with his afterlife. He spent his life doing the gods' work for them and they didn't seem to care one bit.

He lifted his head a bit. He saw that two rose their hands, and three kept their hands down, of course, that included Minos.

"If not Elysium, he shall be put in the Fields of Asphodel. He will rot for so long, he will forget who he is." Minos announced.

He was escorted to the Fields of Asphodel with chains restricting his hands. After walking an everlasting hallway, he reached a huge gate at the end, surrounded by torches. His two escorts pushed the door open, revealing a huge field, but with red grass. It was peaceful and quiet, and he didn't see anyone. One escort pushed him inside and the other immediately closed the gate behind him. He began walking aimlessly, looking for nothing in particular.

As he went deeper, he saw a skeleton under a tree. The skeleton was mindlessly moaning and groaning. He quickly rushed away, only to be met with even more skeletons.

"No...Minos wasn't joking. They forgot all about their past. They've been here so long they even lost their identity. No..." Percy said to himself.

He remembered Hazel talk about the Fields of Asphodel, but he didn't know it would be like this. He went through Tartarus, but he still wasn't prepared for this.

He moved over to under a tree, away from the skeletons. Right as he sat down, a sort of portal opened made with dark energy.

A dark figure stepped out, covered in a black cloak. Percy reached for his pen and uncapped it, showing Riptide in full glory.

"Sorry I took so long, Percy Jackson."

The figure unhooded himself to reveal the Lord of the Underworld, Hades. Percy, with glee, put Riptide away.

"I was getting tired of waiting, and thanks for coming. It'll be weird though, I mean, I just died. To be back so soon? That's just outrageous." Percy replied. There was a long pause, with tension in the air as Hades paced around. He began to shift, and suddenly stopped.

"Percy... I'm sorry to say this, but... It's been 5 years."


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