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We stumble inside Ethan's apartment. My back hits the back of his door and I pull my face away from his, grabbing the back of his hair. My lips are numb, and I feel slight tugging on my hair. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"My hair is caught in your button," I laugh and gesture to the top button on his shirt. He laughs and helps me get untangled. I wrap my hands around his neck and bring his lips down to mine.

He licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I deny, teasing him. I hear him grunt and I squeeze my thighs together. It was amazing to be able to make his body crazy.

My thigh brushed up against his and he lifts it up to his side by grabbing the bottom of it. While smiling into the kiss, I trail my hands down his shirt and grab the top of his jeans, pulling him as close as we could get.

I lightly run my fingers over the top of his boxer band that was sticking out, tracing the words Calvin Klein.

I slip my hand inside his jeans, feeling how hard he's gotten within the past minute. "oh god," he moaned and throws his head back. I bit my lip and unzip his pants, giving him a little more room. "Mariah, please."

I slowly get down on my knees, and his hands find their way against the door. one stays there and another goes down to my head, brushing my hair to the side.

I've never done this before, so I was doing what felt natural. I wrap my hands around his shaft and pump slowly, hearing his breathing fasten. The energy in the room was unbelievable. He needed release and I could feel it.

I pump my hand faster, letting my tongue swirl around the tip. He had his own personal flavor. I wondered if that's what he meant when he said I tasted good.

"Oh just like that," he breathes. He began thrusting into my hand, the poor guy couldn't take it. I look at him as he comes undone. His eyes are squeezed shut and his hand makes a fist against the door. The one around my hair pulls my head back a bit, and I feel a sticky substance all over my face.

it was a beautiful sight to see.

I had absolutely no idea what to do with it, and thank god he told me or in this case, showed me.

His finger trails all across my face, collecting his fluids. "Open," he says. I open my mouth slightly, and he sticks the two fingers in. I suck the liquid off his fingers and he trails them down my chin, onto my collarbone. "good girl."

I smile and he zips his pants back up, but takes his half open shirt all the way off. His back was a view I would never get tired of seeing, but then again he wasn't hard to look at.

"You don't know how long I've needed that," He stated while grabbing a bottle of water. My cheeks felt hot and my hands were playing with the bottom of my dress. He comes over and grabs my hand, bringing me to his bedroom. he collapsed on the bed and I climb in next to him. We're laying on our sides in the complete dark, so all I can see is the outline of his body.

"Grayson texted me today and told me when the baby shower is."

"when?" I ask.

"one week, back in jersey."

I never knew he was from new jersey. Grayson lives in Florida with his wife too, but I guess they're having the shower at his parents house. "Are you excited?"

"I mean yeah, just nervous I guess. I'm now the only one out of my siblings with no kids or love life to take with me."

Ethan and I were NOT in love. but we did have some type of affection for each other. Just not love quite yet.

"So I was going to ask if you wanted to go with me? you're the only person I have that's even close to a relationship."

I wanted to go but then again it made me nervous knowing that I would be meeting his family members. "I don't know Ethan, what if they think I'm some slut because of the molly situation?"

"They already know were getting a divorce. It's just taking too long, we're broken up. It's just not legal yet. I don't have feelings in any way, shape, or form for her. I'm for only you." (4ou reference hehe)

"then I'll go. You just have to promise me that there's not going to be problems between molly and me and your parents."

"there wont be. I'll book our tickets right now."

There wasn't any light to be found, but I could feel him smiling. The light comes from the phone he pulls out of his jean pocket. My guess is confirmed, his pearly whites showing. He looks around the website and books a one way trip to New jersey.

"Boom, we're golden sweetheart."

I laughed at his choice of words.

He is so precious.

"Next Friday, 10 AM."

"I'll be ready."

There was silence after what I'd said to him. "You know what this means right?"

"What?" I question.

"We have to shop for baby gifts."

"Oh lord."

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