Chapter 81 - Eli's Revenge

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Eli had promised he was coming for her but three days had already passed, almost four, and he hadn't reached yet.

Hailie was sitting at the table, her arm sweating in the sling. The chills were almost gone but the cough felt like it was getting worse and she really wanted a cigarette. Winston hadn't called her again so she'd been stuck in the room with nothing to do the whole time. If she didn't have her watch on she wouldn't even know that only three days had passed, or even that it was in the afternoon now since there were no windows. It felt like much more than four days.

It was that familiar feeling of homesickness that came to her every time she'd found somewhere she liked and had to leave. Her eyes burned. She hated this small room with too little air and the tasteless food. Her hammock was much more comfortable than this bed, Eli's bed was much more comfortable than this one. She couldn't sleep at all. Any sound woke her up no matter how soft it was.

Sometimes she could hear a fight going on outside or something would crash into the door or walls.

Winston would be getting impatient, if he wasn't already.

She shouldn't complain. Things could be, and have been, worse and Eli did say he would come for her, he'd said that before too, right after the incident at the town where she'd first met Justin. The Captain told her to trust his integrity and she did. She knew he was coming. She just would prefer if he came a little faster.

Hailie rested her head on the table and closed her eyes and repeated the same lines she'd been telling herself over and over.

She was outside.

These four walls didn't exist.

Eli was nearby.

Those sentences were starting to lose their effect.

Hailie reached into her pocket and took out a box of cigarettes and a lighter she'd picked from one of the soldier's pockets. She'd been trying to keep her promise and not smoke but if she didn't do something, anything, she was going to go crazy. She hadn't sleep for more than two hours since she'd been taken to the ship.

The ship shook violently. Hailie was thrown from her chair. Things crashed to the floor. It stopped moving. The floor was slanted to the right. She had to move out of the way of sliding furniture.

There was yelling outside.

"We're under attack!"


Her feet felt wet. She took a step backwards. Water was rising and fast. She ran towards the door. Still locked. She banged on it.

"Let me out! I'm in here!"

The water was almost up to her knees now. She banged on it harder.

"Let me out!"

It was up to her waist. She was going to die. Drowned in a ship. The room was shrinking.

"Help! Eli! Eli!"

It was at her neck and she wasn't sure if the salt on her face was from the water or her tears. She couldn't die. Not yet. Not like this. Didn't Eli say he was coming for her? Where was he?


She coughed and swallowed water which only made her cough more. The water was up to her nose. The ship tilted more to the side and she fell away from the door. She tried to swim back up. Her one arm wasn't strong enough. She coughed and breathed in some water. She couldn't see, she couldn't breathe. This was it? This was how she was going to die? It couldn't be. She had cheated Death in all his very creative ways. She couldn't die from drowning!

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