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"H-Hyemi" I stuttered as a dark blush crept up to my cheeks at the small distant between our faces. I tried to step away but his grip was to strong. "L-let me go" I mumbled quietly, too scared to see how he would react if I said it confidently.

He chuckled and leaned forward as if to kiss me causing my eyes to widen and my hands trying to stop him by pushing at his chest. "..please" I whispered and felt my vulnerable side coming up.

Yoongi finally let me go and stepped back. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding and held my hands to my chest to calm my beating heart. He almost stole my first kiss. I watched as he walked away from me and took his shirt off casually.

I blushed and covered my eyes in shame when I heard his deep laugh. He lay down on the bed -which probably belonged to him- and covered his eyes with his arm as if he was going to sleep. I gulped and looked at his shirtless form. 'Damn those abs' I thought to myself and saw him smirk.

The room was silent as I tried to sneak towards the door to make an attempt to escape. "It's locked" He said with his eyes still closed and I frowned. I walked back to the glass window and peeked towards the entrance to see if I could find my friend Mijoo but to no avail.

I strolled to the couch and sat on top and stared at nothing as Yoongi slept without a worry in the world. 10 minutes later he woke up and sat up just to stare at me. "Why did you kidnap me?" I decided I should just ask him what I was doing here.

"Because I want to fuck you" He said with a smirk and I felt my eyes widen again.

"What? Why me?" I could already feel the tears forming in my eyes at the idea of rape.

"I'm joking. Chill" He said and looked at me with an unusual smile. I calmed down a bit but still didn't know whether to trust him or not. I was about to ask him again when I heard a familiar voice scream outside the house.

I ran toward the window at the sound of my best friend and saw her in the arms of another unfamiliar man. Mijoo was screaming at him to let her go while he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like Yoongi did to me last night.

I felt Yoongi walk up behind me and watch what the commotion was about. I turned to look at him with worried eyes. "You have to let her go! It wasn't her fault! I called her here... I didn't know what to do" I shouted at him while he gave me a blank face.

"Called? You have a phone?" He asked in shock then face-palmed himself. He held onto my shoulders and asked me where it was.

"It doesn't matter, the batteries dead. But please let Mijoo go" I said and he weirdly growled at me. He threw on his shirt and unlocked the door to leave but I followed him. He glared at me as if to tell me to stay but being the persistent person I am I begged him to let me go with him.

Yoongi held my wrist tightly as if preventing me to escape and went downstairs to find out about the strange girl who was screaming. "Jimin!" He shouted and I saw the same guy from earlier with an unconscious Mijoo on his shoulder.

"Mijoo!" I exclaimed and tried to run towards her but Yoongi wouldn't let me go. I tried to get his hand off but he just growled at me. Jimin had silver hair unlike Yoongi. His face wasn't as pale and he looked somehow ... cute? In fact he looked like a rice cake (if that makes sense)

"Hyung" Jimin smiled at Yoongi "I found my mate too!" He said and gestured towards Mijoo.

"What is a mate?!" I said frustrated "Why won't you let me go? I need to see if Mijoo is fine" Tears were at the corner of my eyes at I struggled to escape from my capturer.

"Oh so that's what her name is" Jimin said with a smile totally ignoring my words. "Mijoo" He tried the name and smiled again. "Park Mijoo sounds perfect"

"Stop. Trying. To. Escape" Yoongi said through gritted teeth and yanked at my arm to show me how angry he was. 'Ok, just play the begging card again' I thought to myself.

"Please Yoongi... I just need to check if my best friend is fine" I stared into his eyes with my best puppy dog face and heard him sigh.

"You should have figured it out that I can read you mind by now" He huffed and pulled me closer to him. "I know what you're trying dear." He smirked "Just so you know, you better not try to escape or else you'll be punished" Yoongi warned me and finally let go of my wrist. I rubbed at the soreness and ran towards Jimin and Mijoo, who was by now laying her down on a random sofa.

"What did you do to her?" I asked the silver haired man as he shrugged. I held Mijoo's hand and felt her forehead to check if she has a fever but she was perfectly fine. Yoongi and Jimin watched me as I sat there and apologized to Mijoo's unconscious body. "I'm sorry I called you here. It's all my fault. Now we're both stuck here with these weird guys" I said and felt tears sliding down my cheeks.

"Weird guys" Jimin chuckled while Yoongi rolled his eyes hitting Jimin's head.

Suddenly I heard two people walking in "Hyungs! We're home" One of the guy said. I recognized the other one from earlier, Jungkook and thought maybe the other guy's name was Taehyung. He smiled a rectangular smile at me and I couldn't help but smile back (even though I had tears in my eyes)

"Finally you're here" Yoongi said. "I have to go, Jungkook keep an eye on Hyemi and don't let her escape" He said and walked away, not even sparing me a glance. Jimin told Taehyung to keep an eye on Mijoo because he had to do some 'Delta' work, whatever that is.

"Wait" I ran towards Yoongi as he walked away coolly. He didn't even stop to listen to me as I protested against Jungkook, who was currently holding me back from running to Yoongi. I sighed and walked back to Mijoo.

"He didn't even tell me why he brought me here" I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration.

I stared at Mijoo to figure out what do when I saw her beautiful light brown eyes flutter and peek open. Mijoo was really beautiful to be honest and sometimes I felt jealous of her. She had the perfect face plus those eyes made up for her short height. She smiled at me and sat up as I stared at her in shock. "You were acting?!" I asked as she chuckled.

"Obviously. That Jimin guy wouldn't let me go so I pretended to faint" She explained as she studied Jungkook and Taehyung who were watching her with amused smiles.

"Hey" Taehyung interrupted. "Do you girls play video games?" He asked and I gave him a confused look. Before anyone could say anything I decided to speak up because I was sick of being cut off.

"Forget video games. Tell me why we're here! How long do you plan on keeping Mijoo and I?" I asked in frustration. Jungkook shrugged and elbowed Taehyung.

"Who's clothes are you wearing?" Mijoo asked who wasn't even paying attention to our conversation. I rolled my eyes and ignored her to glare at Jungkook and Tae while tapping my foot. Nobody answered my question as we stood there in a tense silence.

How could this happen to me? Only yesterday I was having a normal day: Going to work, having dinner with my mom and having a walk in the rain. But then some random black haired dude decided to kidnap me without an explanation only to leave me alone with two idiots who can't be bothered to answer my questions.

 But then some random black haired dude decided to kidnap me without an explanation only to leave me alone with two idiots who can't be bothered to answer my questions

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