Into You ~ Part 10 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



Remember how we were talking about you not have your first kiss?" Jackson asks causing you to slowly nod getting scared about where this was going.

"Yes what about it?" you questioned him nervously and he smiles.

"I know you think Jaebum will be the perfect first kiss. But I know someone else in mind." Jackson says and you continued to stare at him.

"Who?" you asked and he takes a moment of silence and finally speaks up.

"Me," Jackson blurts out and your eyes widen. Are you hearing correctly?

"What?" you asked totally taken back.

"Look, friends do this all the time. Look at it this way. I am helping you practice before you really kiss that one special person." Jackson says and you couldn't help but to laugh. Where you really going to buy this bullshit?

"You make it seem like something could go wrong," you said rolling your eyes and you took one glance at him and watched him nod his head causing you to freeze.

"Yes, what if you can't kiss properly?" Jackson asks and your eyes widen. He's right! You never kissed anyone in your life, how were you suppose to know whether you were kissing the correct way or not.

"Fine. But this better be our little secret," you said giving in and he lifts both of his hands up and nods.

You took a deep breath and felt Jackson softly place his hand on your cheek. You both began to slowly lean in feeling your heart race faster and faster as you two leaned closer.

His lips was inches away from yours..


At last your lips touched his. His lips were warm yet soft. Your heart was pounding out of your chest at this point and you didn't ever care. This felt so right. The caress of his lips softer than you have imagined. You both pulled away and your cheeks turn automatically red causing you to look down. Never have you ever imagine Jackson being your first kiss. You looked back at him who was looking at you.

"That was um.... good I guess," you blurted awkwardly as you were still blushing hard. To be honest you didn't know what to say without feeling embrassed and shy.

"You're a pretty good kisser for a first timer," Jackson says causing you to be completely shy. You playfully shoved his shoulder and looked at him.

"Can you not say that? I'm already shy enough," you said getting up and he grabs your hand pulling you back down from walking away from him.

"I was complimenting you," he says smiling and you looked down at his lips and swallowed hard trying so hard to not pull him back for another kiss.

"Thank you." you smiled and he smiled in return.

"Now we can kiss anytime we want," Jackson says smirking and you rolled your eyes. This boy has jokes.

"This was a one time thing, we aren't doing this again," you said and you heard him laughing. "I'm only kidding." Jackson quickly defends himself and you smirked.

You did want to kiss Jackson over and over, but you couldn't. First of all you guys were just friends... Second of all he's a ladies man. He kisses girls all the time... If you wanted to kiss someone a lot he had to be yours and only yours, but that will never happen. You feel your phone vibrating and you looked down and see a text from Jaebum. You looked at the text and read what he wrote:

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