Into You ~ Part 9 {Jackson FF}

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"It's not hard. Hey buddy and a walk to the park would do the trick. Not spreading lies and calling your friend bad names." you said looking at him and a smiles escapes his face. At least the two of you were somewhat able to talk to each other about the problem without yelling at each other like you always do.

"I'm bad at this I know.." Jackson confesses and instead of denying it you nodded your head in agreement and laughed. As much as Jackson hurts you, you couldn't seem to be mad at him.

"Look. I'm tired of being in bad terms with you. Let's just forget everything you ever did ever happened." you said getting up and standing up in front of him.

"So friends?" Jackson asks as he got up as well and looks down at you since you were much shorter than him.

"Friends," you said pulling out your hand and he pulled out his hand and you both began to give each other a proper handshake. Now this point on you put your guards down and we trying to forgive Jackson for who he was..Just then you stopped the hand movement and pulled his hand down.

"But I swear Jackson you hurt me one more time and I will cut your balls off with no hesitation." you threatened him as you looked at as his eyes widen causing you to laugh.

"Got it," he says scaredly and you giggled.

You let go of each other's hands and both began to laugh. Just as you stopped you looked at each other and you couldn't help but to stare at Jackson. You looked at Jackson lips and back at his eyes. What if Jackson was your first kiss? What are you saying! You shook your head and ignored your thoughts that began to play in your head.

"Do you want to join us?" You asked Jackson moving your eyebrows up and down actually offering him to spend time with you on your little date.

"I would love to, but kind of have to attend a party." he says smirking and you nodded. For some odd reason you were disappointed that he prefered going to a party than spending some time with you... But you just accepted his decision.

"Well I hope you have fun. See you soon," you said awkwardly and you were about to walk till you hear Jackson talk again.

"Do you maybe want to hang out tomorrow?" he asks looking around causing you to smile at how awkward he looked asking you such a simple question.

"Sounds like a plan," you giggled and a grin appeared on his face.

"Great. See you tomorrow." Jackson says and you giggled and made your way back into the bowling alley and back to your little date with Jaebum.


"I never thought I would say this but, you're pretty good at bowling," Jaebum says as he stand in front of you and you flipped your hair and pretended like you already knew that fact.

"Awe is someone upset that they lost to a girl?" You asked smirking and he chuckles.

"No. But I did have fun." Jaebum says causing you to blush and you nodded your head in agreement.. "Me too," you said as you looked up making eye contact with Jaebum. His eyes were soft and gentle as he looked at you and you felt completely valuable. He softly placed his hand on your cheek and your heart began to race. Was Jaebum about to kiss you?

The moment where you were finally going to get your first kiss was happening!!! You closed your eyes as he did the same and you both began to lean in closer and closer. Just as his lips were so close to touching yours, you heard talking causing both of you to pull away and looked down the hall finding Jackson and your roommate talking and they stopped as soon as they realized you guys were about to kiss.

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