Chapter 12

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June 12th 1992: 11pm

|Monaé's P.O.V|

"You ready" tupac asked before we where about to exit the diner, the jeep pulled up outside to pick us up. Pacs body guard soon came to the door to escort us, he wasn't with pac the whole time Coz he said that he wanted to be alone, and as for me? I didn't even notify my body guard I left, I don't like the whole idea of havin one but my label makes me.

"Yeah" i smile back, pac opened the door for me which I walk through, he's actually hella nice ?.

"Thank you" I thank him, I greet pacs body guard with a quick smile that he returns. On the short walk to the jeep I felt pac casually put his armed around me, which I didn't shrug off. I really didn't mind it.

"Excuse me? Nefertari tupac!" We hear a young female voice call, we stop and turn around only inches from the car.

"Wassup" tupac smiles at the young girl, I do the same.

"I literally love you two so much! Could I please get a picture" the girl tried to hold down her cool but I could tell she was on the verge of tears which shocked me, I still haven't gotten used to that part of it.

"If you love me then I love you more girl, And Of course, what's your name!" I smile widely, the girl hands her camera to pacs body guard who grabs it so he could take the photo. with pac on her left side and me on her right we pose, me and the girl hug as tupac put his arm around us.

"I'm Lisa...I can't believe this is happening thank you so much" the girl finally cried, I held her in a tight hug for a moment before letting go as she wipes her eyes.

"You straight Babygirl" I ask smiling at her, she sniffles and shakes her head 'yes' .

"Thank you again" the girl says as she was about to leave.

"No, thank you for supporting us lil Lisa" tupac calls back to her.

"Bye now" I say, pac waves back at her half way into the car. I hop in after him with my adrenalin pumpin like a motherfucker, that always happens after I meet fans, I love it.

"That was cute" I smile closing the door, I casually turn towards pacs direction when I catch him just staring. I smile.

"What?" I ask, wondering if my hair looked funny or som.

"You just a good soul" tupac shrugs.

"You only just met me" I smile a little raising my eyebrows, he don't know what he talkin bout.

"It don't matter...I can tell babygirl" he stared back at me.

"Why do you think that then?" I ask baffled, the only person to ever tell me that is Déja.

"Most of the famous females I've been anywhere with or had to work with be all stuck up an mean...not even funny or nothin, not jokin around, just borin bitches" he shrugged takin a quick pause.

"But you? You something else...I can't pin point it...but you somethin mah" he says with a serious face, I could feel my cheeks heat up once again as I smile at him...i never would've thought in s million years he would've come out with that.

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