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Mindless behavior love story (rated R!!!) -Roc royal.

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Okay so, i'm very new to this website i mostly go on 'Fun140' but that website is not working at the moment :( okay...On to the info

INFO: So the roll that your going to be playing name is Kyla. shes 17, a very famous rapper. who's from Canada but is currently living in the U.S.A. Kyla is light skin mixed with Jamaican and Italian. You look like India Westbrooks shes very active and smart when it comes to a lot of things. Keekee & Kristen are her best friends. well i have nothing to say other then enjoy and this is going to be RATED R so keep that in mind. and don't say i didn't worn ya. :D P.S Mindless behavior is the same age as you. Me or my means you as in Kyla & I type weird...


My P.o.v.(point of view): i was so exited because today i actually get to meet mindless behavior! well, i've met them once or twise but not actually had a full out conversion with them. and i was so excited!  especially because i was gonna meet Roc royal!  damn that boy is just too damn sexy! I bit my lip just thinking about it. as i was about to doze off thinking of the tings me and Roc could do to each other...if you know what i mean...Kevin called me. oh yea, your probably wondering who the hell is Kevin. well, hes ,my lovely manager...End of my P.o.v. KEVIN: Kyla! ME: Yes Kevin? KEVIN: Time to get ready we got to go soon or we'll be late for dinner with mindless behavior and there manager Kesha. ME: Okay Kevin. KEVIN: Oh yea, and kyla. try to act professional and not like a 7 year old were there to talk about the new tour not to be all flirty and cute. ME: Kevin i always act professional okay...*Kevin raises his eyebrow* ME: HAHA! i know, i just lied to myself too.  KEVIN: Aha, well hurry up and go change i'm not waiting all day kid... ME: Boy...You best a be not rushing me. KEVIN: *Looks at you* i'm not! just hurry up. 

i went in my hotel room and got changed into this...( (Copy and past!).

We got to the restaurant to find the four guys plus Kesha waiting for us at a table (Kesha is there manager). KEVIN: Hello guys, nice to meet you! PRINCE, PROD, ROC, RAY: Hey guy's! ME: Hi. i said smiling, trying not to act all jumpy. but in side i was SUPER jumpy...i kinda wan'ted to jump on roc, because damn this guy was even sexier in person! ROC: Here you guy's can sit down. ME, KEVIN: Thanks. i look a seat next to roc and he smelt super good! *20 minutes later* i think Kevin was kinda feeling Kesha, and Kesha was kinda feeling Kevin. i found that kinda funny because Kevin just isn't that type...KEVIN: Well, you guy's can go sit at another table because me and Kesha here have some important things to talk know about the tour.... me, roc pinceton prod and ray looked at each other. RAY: Okay aha. we got up and wen't to a diffrent table. i agian sat beside roc, he looked at me and i smiled, PRINCE: You look very beautiful Kyla. WAIT! PAUSE! did Princeton just call me beautiful! ah! OMGEE Princeton is so cute if roc wasn't in the group Princeton so would have been my second choice! OKAY BACK TO THE MOMENT. ROC, RAY, PROD: Yea you do. ME: Thanks guy's. i said blushing mad hard..

So i got to know them all pretty well and i loved all there personality's but i loved roc the most, he was worm hearted, sweet, sexy, generous, funny and nice. but what i liked out of all those thing is that he was real and honest. 

A couple minutes later i felt someone staring at me...and i mean HARD staring i took my eyes off my plate and looked up to find Princeton staring at me from across the table. i did one of those half smile things because i had so much butterfly's at that moment but then again i still had strong feelings for roc even thought i've only known him for a couple of hours. then sudenly i felt a had on my lag a soft worm hand... i thought it was roc at fist but when i looked over to him he had both hands on the table and was talking to ray ray. i again looked at Princeton and he was smirking, i smile at him and i instantly got a shiver down my back, not a bad one though. he started rubbing it and i was actually getting kinda turned on to be honest...i couldn't talk it anymore if i didn't leave i was just going to either jump on Princeton and start kissing him or jump on roc and start making out with him. ME: Excuse me guy's i gotta go use the ladies room. PRINCE, PROD, ROC, RAY: Okay. ROC: Don't be too long. he smiled at me and Princeton gave him a hard stare.  i got up and wen't to the ladys room.

*Talking to my self* ME: Fuck man!  it's so hard to fine the woman's room. I walked in a room witch i thought was the ladys room but not a second later found out it was the men's room. ME: Oh shit! Good thing no ones in here i was about to walk out when some one came in. i tyred to run in a stall, but it was too late someone was me, ???: Hey isn't this the mans washroom? i slowly turned around. ME: Yea um...sorry i thought this was the m-Princeton! Oh lord just my luck i thought. PRINCE: Kyla. he said coming close to me. ME: Um, i- PRINCE: shuush....he said cutting me off putting his finger on my lip. i know you thought this was the lady's room, don't worry i won't tell anyone. he took his finger off my lip and slowly kissed them. Oh lord have Mersey! this boy can kiss! a couple seconds later i kiss back then i felt his tongue slowly slip in my mouth.


END OF CHAPTER ONE! Tell me what you guy's think! first story on this website, i'll post chapter two later! Thanks for reading.

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