By the way, watch the youtube video when Harry sings to Clara, k? K.

Clara's P.O.V (Before the text from Harry)

I am still crying over my mom when I hear a knock on my door. I jump and gasp. Who would be here this late? But of course I know who--Jace. That bastard. I open the door cautiously and Jace jumps in. I gasp and back away.

"Hi, Jace," I greet my not-really-boyfriend warily.

"Hey, baby," he grins at me. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," I cry. "I'll be fine." But I'm just reassuring myself.


"It's my mom," I admit with a hicupping sob. "She-she's gone."

"Gone, like left? Or...?" Jace asks for clarification.

"Gone like--" I stop myself. I can't say it. I'll say anything but that.

"Oh. I'm sorry, Clara," Jace says in a weird voice that sends shivers down my spine.

"Look, Jace, I...I don't think that this is good for me right now. I have a lot going on, and..."

My phone buzzes and I glance at it quickly. It's Harry. Shit.

To Clara:

Hello, love. Just wondering if you got home safely. It was great meeting you tonight, I'd love to get to know you and your friend better. Let me know if you can come to the hotel or something. Goodnight. -Harry

"Who is that?" Jace growls.

"Jace, it's--"

"--no. I don't want to hear it, Clara. I always knew there was something going on with you. Were you just using me for the drugs? Huh?"

"No, of course not!" I shout. Yes I was. "Jace, Harry isn't my boyfriend! Okay? We just met!"

"That's your excuse? You fucking whore!" Jace shouts at me. He takes a step towards me an I stumble back. He usually isn't a bad kid, but he has hit me before. This is one of those times. He takes a swing and I don't duck in time, so it hits me hard in the jaw. That's gonna leave a bruise. Jace paces the room and I take the opportunity to reply to Harry's texts. A few minutes later, Harry sends me a text that he's downstairs and we hit the road, leaving Jace behind. I am still crying by the time we get to the hotel and Harry takes me inside. I don't even have it in me to be embarrassed that I'm breaking down in front of One Direction. I sit on the couch and images of my mom flash through my mind in each stage of her life. Young, middle-aged, I'll, and finally, when I found that she was dead on the sofa. I had told Harry that I called the police to take her body away, but I didn't. I don't want her body to leave. Gross, I know, but she's the only thing I have left.

"You didn't call the police, did you?" Liam says. It's not a question. I shake my head as my tears start to slow.

"You probably think that's super weird, but..."

"No, I don't. I get it. But you have to let her go. It just gets harder, Clara," Liam smiles at me. I nod. My daddy Direction! My inner fangirl squeals.

"I don't know how to deal with it," I whisper. "My mom was all I had. She got pregnant really young and my dad abandoned her. On top of that, her parents disowned her and she was left to have me alone. I don't have anyone else. We don't even have enough money for me to go to school consistantly, so when she got sick...I had to stop going completely."

"Well, ya seem like a bright girl to me," Niall compliments me with a smile. I share a half smile and put my head in my hands. Louis plops down on the sofa next to me and puts his arm around me casually. He's such a joker.

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