23 - "I was thinking you'd take it over. Declare yourself as queen."

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A few days later, we don't have a case. We literally can find nothing supernatural.

"Come on." Dean says, holding our duffels.

"What? Where are we going?"

"Don't worry. Let's go."

"What? Dean-"

"Come on. They know we're leaving. We're going on a trip."

"A trip? Since when do you vacation?" I laugh, and follow him to the Impala.

"Since you came back into my life."

"God, no chick flick moments." I say, but lean over and kiss him. "You're so fucking cute I'm pissed." I pinch his cheek. "I'm playing my music." I put my cassette in, and dramatically sing 'Sexyback' to him.

He doesn't enjoy it.

"Where are we?!" I scream, sitting up. I took a nap.

"Why do you always wake up so violently?!" Dean shouts back. "Damn near gave me a heart attack, Dal!" He shouts. "God!"

"Sorry." I say, rubbing my eyes. "Where are we?"


"And where are we going?"

"Still a surprise."

"And you're still an asshole."

When I first start to see signs for Dallas, I don't think anything of it. There's a lot of places around Dallas that might be haunted or whatever.

"No way!" I laugh as we drive into Dallas.

"I was thinking you'd take it over. Declare yourself as queen."

"You're an idiot." I shake my head.

"Figured you deserved a little vacation."

"I do, but Dallas?"

"Dallas is nice. I don't know how you've avoided it for so long while being named after it."

"I've been to other places in Texas, for hunts, just never been to Dallas. My grandparents on my dad's side are still alive and live in the city, so we just avoided it."

"I've never heard you talk about grandparents."

"Haven't seen them since I was three." I shrug. "What about you? You got grandparents?"

"They're dead." He shrugs. "What about your mom's side?"

"According to Uncle Joe, they live in Palm Beach." I shrug again. "They want to meet us, so we've been avoiding the house at all costs."

"Why not reconnect? You can, Ricki and Heath are a little iffy."

"I don't do parents that aren't ours." I shrug. "I met Matt's parents and I've never been more awkward in my life."

"You met his parents?"

"I was in England for a semester." I laugh. "Had to spend Christmas somewhere. We were barely dating at the time."

"I never knew it was that serious between you two."

"He was going to propose, dude. We were together for four years. It was pretty serious."

"I'd propose to you."

"Stop stressing me out."

"I'm just saying."

"Thanks, bud." I pat his thigh.

We get to Dallas and we just walk around.

There's no monsters, no demons, nothing that goes bump in the night-- just me and Dean and the people of Dallas, Texas.

"Your name is Dallas?" The bartender asks, looking at my drivers license as Dean and I settle into some seats at a semi-busy bar. I nod, confirming my name. "Well honey, that means you drink for free."

"Wow! I love this town already." I smile and he makes me and Dean a couple double whiskies.

Dean and I wander around town after a couple drinks, and I convince him to let me buy a night in a nice hotel.

"This bed is fuckin' heavenly." He says, laying down.

"Night, sweetheart." I say, and he cuddles up next to me.

"Thanks for paying for the room. I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too."

The next day is spent with me wandering while Dean sleeps. I tried to get him up ten times, but it just wasn't working, and I figured it was because he has slept on shitty motel beds for the majority of his life, so I allowed him to sleep while I wandered.

"Dal!" Sleeping Beauty himself shouts, pulling up next to me in the Impala.

"Look who left bed." I smile, and hop into the car before the light changes.

"Where were you going?"

"Nowhere in particular, why?"

"Just asking. I found a case."


"Sam's on his way-look." He motions to a folder that's in between us.

"I thought this was a vacation." I say, flipping through the papers.

"It is! I just-" He looks over at me. "Saving people, hunting things, the family business."

"Business." I say. "I thought this was a vacation." I repeat myself. I look over a few pictures. Werewolf. Ripped out hearts and dead girls—hookers, mainly.

"I don't have to-"

"You love werewolf cases. Take it." I say, and get out of the car at the next light.


"I'll see you later, okay?" I smile and walk down another street, one that's blocked off from cars entering, because of a fair, or something.

I wander around town, and head back to the hotel room when I know Dean won't be there. I pack my stuff, and ask the front desk for a taxi.

New York, here I come.

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