~Ty's POV~

I can't believe it's Christmas eve already. Time sure flys when your with the one's you love.

An excited Sarah ran downstairs, eager to get the day over with. She zoomed through her breakfast and is already started on anther book.

"Well, you're an eager beaver, aren't you?" I ask her, she nods. She lays on the couch, her body stretching over it. I lightly tap her feet out of the way and sit down next to her. Adam comes out of his room, his eyes glazed with sleep.

"No room for Adam?" He asks, sitting on my lap. I let out an 'ouf' under his weight and shift around underneath to make myself comfortable. I lay my hands around his waist. I sense Sarah rolling her eyes in the distance.

"Well, the tree certainly is lovely." Adam says as he gets up to go get himself some coffee. "I want a caffinated drink." Sarah says a she gets up and goes to get herself what I presume is tea. She can't get enough.

I sit lazing in my thoughts, what does Adam have planned? He seems to cheery for it being the morning. He must be really excited for Christmas.

No. He definitely has something planned.

I ponder it, but my thoughts are interrupted by Adam handing me a small cup of warm coffee. "Thanks. ' I mumble as he walks away. As he turns he kisses my head and smiles, making me blush.

~Time-skip to later that night~

Sarah had been prancing around the house out of excitement for the past hour. I've never seen her more excited.

"It's almost here!" She squeals, bouncing. I hold on to her shoulders to stop her. "I've got something for you." I say as I leave the room to grab her an early present.

I hold it out in front of me for her to take. She curiously grabs it and examines it. She slowly tears off the paper to reveal blue polka-dotted flanel pyjamas.

She smiles and hugs me and goes to change into her pyjamas.

I hear snoring and turn around to a sleeping Adam on the couch. I haven't seen him sleep recently, he's been beat from work, working late, getting home after I go to bed, so I don't blame him for being asleep already.

Sarah comes out, her hair all frizzeled do to her PJ's. She lightly slips on the couch and into Adam's lap. Her ability to do this is astounding.

She falls asleep on his lap, probably worn out from prancing around. I move Adam out of the way and pull Sarah out, and into my arms. I carry her back to her bed and tuck her in. She lightly snores in her sleep, adding to the innocent apperance of her.

I go abck out and Adam still remains in the same postion I left him. I crawl in beside him and lay his arm down around my shoulder. I slowly drift off into sleep, everything gets foggy.

And I'm fully asleep.



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