Chapter 42.

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Suman's POV.

I take a long sip from my cup of tea as I sit brooding in the balcony. It's been two days since Aditya has been arrested. He still refuses to cooperate or confess.

It still amazes me to think of the lengths he went to get back at Shravan, his own cousin. He is related to Shravan just like Preeti is to me but what a huge difference in emotions!

Shravan has been quite busy in trying to get all the possible details. I have hardly seen him in these two days. He comes home late in the night and leaves quite early in the morning. He insisted on keeping me away. Not that I am too keen on getting involved but I do want to know what is going on.

I close my eyes trying not to think back about what happened that night three years ago. It feels strange that when Shravan started looking into the details his primary concern was to find out the culprit and get me justice. The thought of justice for me has never left his mind, however now the reality has changed drastically with the truth of Aditya out in the open.

I take another sip and realise the cup is already empty. I have lost count of the number of cups of coffee and tea I have had since morning.

Pushkar has also gone out. He is furious with what Aditya has done. It is quite evident now that Aditya befriended him since he is Shravan's cousin. Having met him only briefly as a child it was natural for him to not recognise him.

I hear the front door open and jump up eagerly and went out of the balcony. I see Pushkar walk looking pensive.

"Hi Pushy." I say jovially hoping he will react.

"Hi Sumo." He responded as he plopped himself on the couch. He leans back and closes his eyes.

I sigh quietly at his lack of response at being called 'Pushy.'

"Are you hungry?" I prod.


"A little hungry maybe?"

"No Sumo."


"No Sumo."

"Very slightly?"

He opened one eye and looked at me and caught me smirking at him. He opened the second eye and gave me a long look. His eyes narrowed as he looked on suspiciously.

"What exactly are you so eager to feed me? Have you been experimenting recipes?" He asks accusingly.

I nod excitedly. Since I was alone most of the day I had spent a lot of time in cooking and baking.

"What did you make?" Pushkar asks his tone giving away his apprehension.

"Stuffed Capsicum." I say enthusiastically.

"That sounds safe." He said musing to himself.


"You have no idea Sumo how lethal your experiments are at times."

"Not fair Pushy. Everyone, including you say I am a good cook." I complain.

"Undoubtedly." He concedes. "But your innovations often take a drastic turn."

"Nonsense. You love my cooking all the same." I say tugging at his hand and pull him up and drag him towards the kitchen.

He perches himself on a stool near a counter and I place a stuffed capsicum in front of him.

"I baked it for the first time." I say as he picks up a spoon and starts eating.

Within seconds his face scrunches up "Sumo what is inside?"

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