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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Twelve.

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Chapter Twelve

I storm by people walking out of the door until I can feel the cool air on my face, letting me know that I'm outside. I make a sharp right and stand in the shadows close to the building of the restaurant.

Just a couple deep breaths is all I need to clear my head.

This night is going to be longer than I had originally planned.

I could call Evan, or one of the guys and just have them come pick me up. Who knows, maybe even let my mom think that I was abducted by some crazy stranger and let her panic for a little while. After all, she does deserve it because this whole mess is her fault.

"Abby!" I hear somebody call.

I don't even have to look to know that it's Van. It only takes a few seconds until he spots me and is sprinting the few steps there are betweens us, closing the space.

"Can I just be alone for, like, five seconds, damn!" I demand, taking a deep breath.

"What's wrong? You're blowing the plan," he points out.

I glare at him. "Really, Van? I think it's you who's blowing the plan by drooling all over Maya," I inform him.

"I was only doing that to piss off that Carlos guy," Van explains. "I don't even know her and she's practically a toddler to me," he adds sincerely.

I begin staring at the ground, trying my best not to show a smile because of how satisfied I am with that answer. "Everything is just getting completely out of control between us, you know?" I tell him, looking back up at him.

Van nods. "I have a feeling that's not the entire reason, is it?"

I stare back at the ground, wishing that I could just click my shoes and go home. Van gently cups my chin in between his thumb and index finger and tilts my head up, forcing my eyes to meet his.

"Hey," he says soothingly. "You can tell me."

"Did you have to kiss me?"

"I saw a chance and I took it. I think I see another one," Van winks, leaning in like he's going to kiss me again, but he's just joking.

I put my hands on his chest, inching him away. Van doesn't get the hint and slides his arms around my waist. "Van, stop."

"Will you just let me hug you so you can forgive me already," Van smirks, pulling me into him, allowing me to take a deep breath. "I honestly didn't think you'd enjoy it that much," he teases.

"I didn't!" I quickly blurt. "I have a boyfriend," I remind.

"I don't know why," Van replies. "You kind of suck as a girlfriend," he jokes.

"After tonight maybe we should take a break between us," I suggest.

"It's not like we're dating," he chuckles.

"How am I supposed to be close to Evan when I'm this close with you?" I remark rhetorically. "I don't want to hurt him."

Van drops his arms and stares at me, astonished by something I said. I don't think I said anything too horrible, did I? I was just stating the truth.

"But you're perfectly fine with hurting me?" Van questions.

"Van I didn't mean-"

"It's whatever, Abby. You want space, you got it," he states, taking a step back.

"I don't want you to-"

"I get it," he assures me, sounding angry. "Let's go back in there and get this over with."

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