{Chapter 2} The Announcement

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It's been a week. It's been a week since my audition for YG entertainment and they still haven't called me! I guess I didn't make it... Oh well.

My friends who had noticed that my mood was a bit down the last days due to not getting a call from the company yet suggested me to go on an ice cream shop to get my mind off of it. I really didn't want to but I ended up agreeing.

I looked in my closet completely clueless of what to wear. Since it was May I ended up wearing a black top with a shirt on top, blue jeans and flat shoes combined with a black backpack and a flower necklace. I went to the bathroom, washed up, tied my hair up in a bun, put some BB cream on, mascara, sunglasses and left the house greeting my parents and sister who were sitting on the living room downstairs watching TV.

Heading to the shop we said we were going to meet I plugged my earphones in as usual. I don't like hearing all the horns of the cars and people always talking next to me so I just plug my earphones in and travel to my owl little world while walking.

''Oppa...!!'' I heard some girl screaming from distance, when I was only one block away from the shop.

Well, I guess my music was not loud enough...why did I choose to listen to a ballad now?

She was running and from what I noticed she was heading to the same shop I was going too. Who was she calling tho?

After a minute of walking I saw many girls near the cafe, many with their phones on their hards trying to take pictures and others just screaming and trying to get closer and closer but it was so crowded that it was unable to happen.

Damn who was there?

Since I am not one of these people who gather around like bees when someone famous is there I tried to make my way into the shop to find my friends which was very hard because there were just too many fangirls there... Damn if I ever become a celebrity will I have to put up with all that? Oh amazing! I thought.

''Ji we're over here!'' my friend BaekHee yelled from the table they were sitting. Ji was something like a nickname my friends had made for me. They were giggling about something but I couldn't hear what they were talking about.

Once I greeted them with a hug each and said a ''hello'' I sat down to the couch but before I managed to sit down DaWon, my other friend, grabbed my arm and whispered that there was someone famous there. DaWon is like the opposite of me, she goes crazy when she knows there's someone famous around...even when she doesn't know who that person is just the thought of being near near to someone famous makes her crazy.

Like me they didn't know who was it, they only saw two guys the one wearing a denim jacket and the other one with a yellow shirt. To be honest I didn't care much but I can't say I did not peek at the two guys for a second... Too bad I couldn't see who they were, I just noticed that the one with the denim jacket was blonde and the other one was wearing a beanie.

After a lot of conversation, giggling and ice cream it was time for us to leave the shop, so we were heading to the cashier to pay for our deserts.

''Peekaboo nolla dwiro da kkamureochyeora kkamjjak...'' my ringtone went off inside the ice cream shop which made many pairs of eyes turn to me... what can I say? I love aggressive rap music...

''Hello?'' I answered the phone.

''Yes, hello is this Jihye?''A woman's voice asked.

''Yes, who's calling?'' I asked in a curious and excited voice.

Maybe it's them...?? Please be them!

''We are from YG and we are calling to say that you have been selected to be a trainee under our company. Your audition was really good!'' the lady on the phone said.

O.M.G I got accepted to be a YG trainee!!! I got so happy that I almost sceam! The lady on the phone mush have heard me because I heard her chuckle, probably because of my silly reaction.

''Oh my God, thank you so much!''I said almost too excited

''No problem, we need you here tomorrow at 7am for the training processto start.''

''Ok, I will be there!'' I said too excited again.

''Goodbye'' she greeted and closed the phone.

When I closed the phone I couldn't even say a word and my hands were shaking so my friends suspected that there was something going on, so being them they kept bombarding me with questions like who was it and what did they want but I was unable to answer.

After a few minutes I told them what happened and they were even more excited than me... especially DaWon who was practically jumping up and down from the excitement. Aishh this girl...

Long story short we were walking to our houses discussing about how my trainee life and my future idol life will be if I ever debut, my head always down from embarassement, and the thoughts about my trainee l life flooding my head.

''Yah! I'm here not down there!'' BaekHee kind of yelled and clicked her fingers on my face to distracting me from staring at the ground too much. ''What are you thinking about? Is there something wrong?'' she asked in aworried voice. ''Haha nothing, sorry I was just dozing off as usual'' I lied.

There was something wrong I just didn't wanna tell her. Half an hour ago I was super excited but now our conversation while walking home made me realize what was actually happening in my life from tomorrow morning. I was afraid. Not sure why, but I felt really scared to walk into the company, maybe because I thought I was not good enough, or afraid that my sunbaenims are going to judge me or be mean to me because of my lack of experience and if everyone in YG is as intimidating as the judges were on my audition, I'm screwed.

I guess we'll see how tomorrow goes...I can always drop out before I debut if it is hard. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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