10. Worth My Time

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Weekend went by too fast

Weekend went by too fast. I almost didn't let Ross go when he had kissed me goodbye on my doorstep. The way I had acted one would have thought that we wouldn't be seeing each other in months. During the few hours we spent apart till Monday, I missed him terribly. I was starting to feel a bit overbearing and clingy. I wanted to be with him all the time.

It surely didn't help that today was going to be a busy day as we had a three-time bestselling author who wanted to have us publish her latest book. I wanted to do everything to convince her that she had made the right choice by working with us. There was no doubt that this contract would make us a lot of money.

Sadly, Ross and I couldn't take our long coffee breaks like we usually did. He did stop by around ten to fuck me hard against the wall of my office. Though quick, it had felt exhilarating. His strength had surprised me when he had pinned me up, thrusting inside me. It was his way of 'loosening me up' before my important meeting with the author. At least, that's the excuse he gave for his sexual impulses.

In the afternoon, I stood in front of my staffs to give one of my motivational speeches before our client arrived. Ross stood in front of the crowd beaming at me proudly. He looked absolutely breathtaking. It baffled me how I hadn't noticed him for all these years. I couldn't help myself from glancing his way every second. It's like as much as I tried to not look at him the more I did. It didn't help that the red mark on his neck was quite noticeable which was my doing from just a few hours ago. I could see Boris following my gaze to him. There was no doubt that the man had figured out there was something going on between us especially after seeing us together on Saturday. It seemed like the cat was out of the bag.

The meeting with the author, Sally Bright, lasted for two hours and by the time everything was settled. Everyone else had left, including Ross. He had promised me that he would come over to my place around seven but I was too impatient to wait another hour especially since I knew he would be wasting fifteen minutes just waiting for the train. I didn't know where he lived as I had never gone over to his place before. I had to search for his file in the system to find out his address. It was just around six when I left the office but he only lived twenty minutes away. I stopped by a flower shop to buy him flowers. I bought a similar bouquet of pink roses which was what he had given to me on our first date.

Tonight, I am planning to take him out on a date myself. He wanted me to take charge and this was my attempt of doing just that.

Ross would always cook for me and as much as I knew that he took pleasure in it, I couldn't let him do that every night like he was my servant. I wasn't planning to take him out just anywhere but I would be taking him to the most frequented restaurant right in town. It was a nice place but my reason for taking him there was to make up for my behavior towards him on Saturday. I still felt horrible for that. Especially when he had turned down my offer of spending the day out on Sunday. He hadn't given me a reason why but my guess had been that he probably didn't want to go through the humiliation that I had put him through the last time we went out together.

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