Zane x Kawaii~Chan

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(This happened in chapter 14)
Zane POV:
She takes off my shirt and licks my chest and belly, her eyes are full of love and lust, she takes off my pants and rubs my member through my boxers "Ahhh~ Kawaii~Chan~!" she smirks "You're so hot~" she takes off her panties and makes me taste her, so I put my tongue at her entrance.

Kawaii~Chan POV:
Kawaii~Chan feels sooo good, Zane's tongue touches my walls, sending pleasure all over my body, he starts rubbing my tail, I purr and moan "Mmm~ Zane~Kun~" I cum, he drinks my juices. I take off my bra, he blushes "Come on Zane~Senpai~" he sucks my left nipple and massages the other, he does the same with the other, then he pets my ears, i purr again "Zane~Senpai I can't wait any longer~" he rubs his member near my entrance, I whisper in his ear "Please enter me~" he puts a condom on, then he enters me, I moan loudly, he thrusts at a fast speed "Nya~ ah~ ah~ Zaaaaane~" he groans "Kawaii~Chan, you're still tight!" the others can't hear us, because they are downstairs. I cum on his member, he pulls out "Awww, I wanted more~" he says "How about a bubble bath?" I nod. He picks me up and carries me bridal style, puts me down, turns on the water, takes out the bottle we bought today, pours some soap, puts it down and turns off the water. I go in the bathtub, he does the same, I play with the bubbles, he chuckles "You're cute and I like cute things." I blush "Zane you make me blush." he smirks "But it's true~" he gives me a peck on the lips, my tail forms in a heart "I love him so much!" he grabs a sponge and washes me, then I wash him. After the bath, we put our clothes on, suddenly I hear a camera and laughs... oh no...

Zane POV:
Aphmau took a photo "Aphmau!" I chase her, she laughs while running "Delete the photo!" she yells "Never!" I yell "Laurance! Make her delete the photo!" he yells "Last time I tried, she made me carry her a whole day!" Suddenly Aaron appears and he grabs her phone "There, picture is gone." he gives Aph her phone back "Not fair!" I smile "It's totally fair! Thanks Aaron!" he smiles "You're welcome buddy." he picks Aphmau and carries her to her room, I go back to my room "KC what are you doing?" she says "Thinking about you petting me~" I sit near her and start petting her, she purrs, then I scratch her ears, looks like she likes it. I know meif'was aren't cats, but they are like them, she is really cute "Can we go to sleep now? I'm tired!" she says "Me too, let's sleep." we go under the covers, we give each other a good night kiss, then we close our eyes and fall asleep while we cuddle on covers.

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