hold tight

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Hold Tight
song used: Hold Tight by Justin Bieber

they hold on tight
yeah, they hold on tight
oh, they hold on tight
them lips won't let me go

"Are you ready yet, Ariana?" Justin called for his girlfriend, who was still upstairs.
"Just a minute!"
Justin sighed, looking at his watch. 5:42. The dinner started at 6, and he knew Scooter hated it when people are late. He heard heels clacking on the steps, and he looked up just in time to see Ariana trip over the 4th step.
A yelp escaped her mouth, expecting gravity to fail her like it fails every clumsy person, but Justin beat it.
He held onto her as tight as he could to keep her from losing her balance as he pushed her back up.
Once she made it to the flat surface, she smoothed out her hair and straightened out her dress, letting out a little giggle. "That was a close one. Thanks Justin."
She leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, before linking her arms with him.
Justin chuckled, and bit his bottom lip as he checked out his girlfriend while making their way out to his car.
She was wearing a sweetheart neckline, bottom flare dress that was black on the top and white at the bottom. It showcased her legs perfectly. Justin almost drooled at the sight.
Ariana noticed his staring and she laughed, playing smacking his chest. "Hon, if you keep staring, we'll be late."
Justin shook his thoughts out of his head, and opened the car door for her.
He jumped over the hood of his car and entered through his side.
Pulling the car out of the driveway, he placed his hand on her thigh. "Sorry babe, you know I can't help it."
Ariana rolled her eyes, smiling, and placed her hand on top of his as he sped down the highway. 5:56.

they hold on tight, yeah, they hold on tight
oh, they hold on tight
them lips won't let me go

Ariana and Justin walked hand in hand into the ballroom, where a huge table was set up. Everyone was still lingering around, apparently waiting for the couple.
"There you guys are!" Scooter shouted, getting up from the head of the table. "Finally! We've been waiting for you!"
"Aye, calm down. We're not that late." Justin looked at his watch and made an "oh" face. "It's only 6:15.."
Scooter scoffed and crossed his arms. "Just sit down."
Ariana giggled and led Justin over to a seat. They sat down, their hands still intwined.
Nathan Sykes sat down in front of Ariana, making it extremely uncomfortable for Justin.
Ariana smiled at Cody who had sat down on her other side. "Hi Cody! How's your tour?"
She felt Justin's grip on her hand tighten, making her giggle in her head.
The waiters began bringing out plates of food, setting them in front of everyone.
"Great. I love seeing my fans at every venue. It just makes me so happy."
Justin trusted Cody; he was a good friend of his since they toured together after all. He just couldn't stand Nathan.
He caught him look at Ariana lovingly, and he's not supposed to.
Only Justin can look at her like that. Only Justin.
"Hey Ariana?"
Her attention moved from her food to boy sitting in front of her. "Hmm?"
Justin let go of Ariana's hand and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him as he silently ate his food.
Ariana gave Justin a quizzical look before looking back up at Nathan.
Nathan saw what Justin did, and couldn't help but feel guilty about his feelings for the brunette.
"Never mind," he whispered, shoving a forkful of food in his mouth.
Justin quietly let out a small breath he was holding in and released Ariana, just slightly.

don't let this go to your head
but you're the best I've ever had
not to mention
that thing is swollen
you got me, oh, so in a trance

"Okay Justin, what happened back there?"
"What are you talking about?"
Ariana knew something was wrong with Justin. She never saw him act like how he acted to Nathan, to anyone.
As Scooter was talking about his plans for this year, his artists sat there quietly, listening.
Well, most of his artists.
As much as Ariana wanted to listen, Justin wouldn't let her. He smirked as he felt Ariana's leg quiver.
He lightly traced his fingers up and down her thigh, making her swat his hand away. He turned around and caught Ariana glaring at him.
He chuckled, then turned back to Scooter, but he kept his hand on Ariana's thigh. Slowly, his hand crept up her dress.
She yelped once his fingers touched her.
Everyone in the room looked at her and Scooter stopped talking. "What's wrong Ariana?"
"N-nothing," she stuttered. "I'll be right back."
She raced out of the room, and Justin chuckled. He put up a hand and followed his girlfriend outside.
Nathan sat there quietly, looking at his hands.
Justin found Ariana waiting for him outside the door, arms crossed. "Seriously Justin?"
He laughed and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "You just embarrassed yourself, aw."
She pulled out of his wrap and pushed him, which just made him laugh even more.
Ariana couldn't help but smile too. "God, you're such a loser, Justin."
He smiled and pecked her lips. "I'm your loser."
She giggled and pulled him closer, kissing him again.
Justin pushed her against the wall, letting his tongue go inside her mouth. Her arms wrapped around his neck while his hands rested on her hips.
"Ahem." The two broke apart and saw Nathan awkwardly standing by the door. "Scooter told me to bring you guys back in."
Ariana felt Justin tense up. He grabbed her hand and held onto it tightly.
Justin glared at Nathan before pushing him aside, to enter the ballroom, Ariana behind him.
She shot Nathan an apologetic smile, which he returned with a small nod.
"I'm talking about Nathan. You seem so angry whenever he's around. Why's that?"
Justin pulled inside the driveway and then exited the car. Ariana sighed and unbuckled her seatbelt.
The door swung open and Justin helped Ariana out of the vehicle.

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