Together Forever~Robstar~

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♥♥Starfire point of view♥♥

"so Robin what are we?" I was scared he would say just the friends. I really wanted to be more with him. I don't care if it leads to danger, all I want is to be next to him for the rest of my life.

"Starfire we are Bestfriends"

I almost was about to cry I could not believe he is saying that after that wonderful night we had. Maybe we are only friends nothing more. It was probably never meant to be after all.

"oh"I said in a fake smile

He was about to say something but then the alarm went on!

"Trouble! come on star we will have to fight without the others! "

"but what happens if we can not?"

"we have to! We've done the impossible before and we can do it now!"

"You are the right friend Robin"

when we got there, we saw control Freak guy.

"You again? This is going to be easy!"  he said jumping and hitting him with his kung-Fu kick.It made it so attractive I got distracted and everything he did was in slow motion.

"Starfire shot him with your starbolts!!" h

He ordered, but I just stood there doing nothing." Star?" He said my name again

"huh oh right" I went back to reality.

so I hit him with my starbolts he fell in the ground. Robin and I gave each othere the high five.

"Good job star now we can go home!"he said it with a smile. The way he smiled I don't know but it made the more attractive with him.

♥♥Robin's point of view♥♥

I said good job to her but she just keepped looking at me with a smile.

"um.... star are you okay?"

"huh oh yes I am friend Robin. I am the okay. Thanks for asking. " she smile and blushed.

"well okay we better get ho-"something cut me of and it was Dylan! I glared at him, but he didn't see it.

"Hey star! "he yelled because he was a little farther away from us. He started running toward us!


"um... looks like Dylan" I said a little sarcastically.

"oh. Glorious! "she said with her innocent voice.

"Yeah...great"He finally got close to us and began to talk to us.

"Hey star how you been?"said Dylan hugging her I felt furious!

♥♥Dylan's point of view♥♥

I walked up to hug star then I saw robin all mad but why?

"I am the fine boyfriend Dylan" She hugged me back. Her sweet smell filled my nose with happiness.

I could see Robin getting more and more mad. Maybe he has fellings for star but I won't let nobody take my star away.So I kissed her in her lips and said "I'm glad your okay"

"I guess I will get going since you both want to be alone!" Robin said in an angry but sad voice.

"wait Dylan I will be right back I have to go tell robin something." Starfire didn't let me say anything back. She was already running toward him.

"um..okay" I said to myself confused.

I hope their little talk is about there hero stuff rather than the romance things. I better keep an eye on Robin or he will ruin my plans.
End of chapter 5 what would starfire say to Robin? Stay tuned for the answer! :D Also Raven and beastboy Romance coming soon to this book!

no I don't like Robin and Raven togheter its not right! :(


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