The girls had organized for us to meet at 11:30 at the bus stop; we would be taking the bus into Liverpool to go shopping. I wasn't really going for the shopping, of course I was going to buy a dress, but I was preferably going just because I loved Liverpool.

       Liverpool was about a forty minute journey from the bus stop in Chester. I loved Liverpool because it was big and always busy. The streets were crawling with street artists all playing music or showing off their unusual talents, like the people who painted themselves silver and pretended to be statues, personally, this creeped me out and I took any lengths to avoid these 'weird-pretending-to-be-statues-people' but I guess some people found them cool. It had all my favourite shops, Top Shop, New Look, River Island and not to mention a massive Waterstones, one of the bookshops in the England.

        "You're late!" Lucy hissed when she saw me running towards the bus station. It was pouring down with rain and I knew that my carefully brushed hair would now be a frizz bomb. I was using my hands to try and shield the merciless hard rain but it was pointless, I was already soaking wet.

          "I know! I'm sorry!" I apologized, "We had some trouble with Adrianna."

       "What has that evil little sister of yours done now?" Violet sighed when I finally reached the shelter of the bus station. I tossed my hair around so that splatters of rain fell in all directions. I felt like a wet dog.

            "Oh, she was just being her usual self." I replied tiredly.

           Adrianna had decided that today would be a good day to mess around with my Dad's mind. She had hidden his car keys inside one of her stuffed teddy bears. She had watched us search for them for forty five minutes with that sly smirk on her face before she finally confessed. She hadn't seemed bothered when my Dad went ballistic, yelling about how she was a manipulative little girl who was always messing around with them, she had only smiled, as if Dad was giving her compliments instead of giving her an angry rant.

           We spoke for a couple of minutes, talking about what kind of dress we wanted, how we were doing our hair, and to my dismay, how gorgeous Jared Felton was. Just before I was about to throw up in my mouth when Rebecca and Lucy were discussing what they would do to him if they were ever alone – Violet was just sort of blushing in the corner, unlike Rebecca and Lucy she found it very uncomfortable talking about sexual endeavors. Normally I would have joined in, but seen as it was Jared Felton they were talking about, I would rather die than talk about what I would do to him if we were ever alone.

     That's right ladies and gentleman, when Jared Felton wasn't involved, I could be one little pervert!

             "Oh, I bet he's a good kisser, his lips are so full and-"

           "You better be talking about me!" A moody voice grumbled behind me, "I deserve compliments seen as you've blackmailed me into coming shopping with you!"

                    I looked over my shoulder to see Edward standing behind me with a face like thunder. His brown hair was soaking wet, raindrops rolling down his forehead as his blue eyes glared at the four of us.

               "Come on Edward, it won't be that bad!" Lucy cooed.

            "Yes it will," Edward snapped sulkily, "You'll spend three hours looking for a dress, then after a massive pep talk you will finally buy it, and then when you're in the middle of boots you'll start raving about how much you hate the dress, then you'll take the stupid dress back, and then when we finally reach the blissful moment when we sit down on the bus ready to go home, you'll have a mini heart attack and suddenly decide that you actually love the dress, and then we'll all have to run back to the shop so you can buy the bloody dress again."

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