Master's Precious Kitty

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Master's Precious Kitty

The front door opened. His body was ready, feeling the heat taking over from being left alone for so long. He wanted to let out all of his lust, every bit of sexual need that Master's left him since going on his two month trip.

For that entire time, his master has left him unsated and alone to care for the house and his chores. Being away from master this long was getting to him, being confined to the walls of the house, because people weren't aware of the presence of hybrids in the world. His mind was playing tricks on him, having inanimate objects appearing to him like Master's strong frame.

The heat had been overriding his ability to think clearly. His Master and mate; everything that he needed to survive was home, finally, and he could possibly get some relief from the hormones overflowing inside his body.

He prepared himself on the bed, crouched on all fours, presenting himself to his Master, ready to be taken as rough as he wanted. The door to the bedroom opened and Master walked into the room, looking sexy with his suit on. His tie was mostly undone, hanging around his neck, ready to be taken off.

As Master locked eyes with his, something inside him clicked and all of his lust hit him like a ton of bricks right off the loading truck. His body was suddenly hot, filling to the brim with heat, the heat of a sexually starved kitten, which is what he was.

His kitten ears twitched at the sound of Master's voice. "What are you doing on my bed?" His rough, gravelly voice triggered a purr from within his body, he needed Master's cock inside him, now!

"Please, Master, I need you inside. You've been gone so long....please." His voice was so small and broken from panting, the heat affected his lungs, causing him to take deeper breaths than he normally would.

Master sighed. He took his tie completely off and sat down at the edge of the bed. "Come here." He crawled over to Master, sitting next to him, tail swishing behind him slowly and sensually. 

"On my lap." He moved, pressing his luscious bottom against his Master's hardening cock, feeling the length of him slipping in between both cheeks. He wrapped his arms around Master's neck, looking into his eyes.

"What are you wearing?" Master asked, the rasp of his voice causing a shiver go through his body, making him release a slight moan. The corner of Master's lip peaked up, giving him a smirk.

"The thong you gave me for christmas," he replied, whispering into Master's ear.

"No, I gave you a red one--this is pink."

"I've washed it since you left. The color faded...but it still feels so good. It's soft, Master. Thank you." He looked into Master's grey eyes, hard as steel compared to his yielding pink ones.

"Put your paws on my shoulders." He obeyed. He placed his grey paws on Master's big, strong, broad shoulders, feeling the muscles there. SMACK! The sting hit his left ass cheek and he flinched.

"Wha-" SMACK. He yelped. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. "Master? What's wrong? What did I do wrong?" He whimpered, his head falling onto Master's shoulder on top of his paw. His lust was slightly abated, and his small cock shriveled.

"You should have kept everything that I give you in pristine condition. Don't you value the things that I give to you as a gift?" His voice was rough in his ear. "Keep count, I'm going to keep going until I reach fifteen. One for each dollar I spent on that gift." He nodded and wrapped his arms around Master's neck.

SWAT. "One." SWAT. "Two." SWAT. "Three." SWAT. "Four." Each swat was followed with a number until he reached fifteen. He didn't mind the punishment, in fact he'd been craving it. Any contact with Master was enough for him to keep moaning. The sting on his ass was a welcomed feeling. 

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