Chapter 16: I made your life miserable!

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This chapter is not very good. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Chapter 16: I made your life miserable!

Mark's P.O.V.

He was gone. I walked back into the Hospital and saw Will sitting there crying his heart out. I grabbed his arm and helped him up. I led him outside to the car but the Hospital doors barged open making us jump back. There was a person on the bed the nurses were pushing. That person was Dylan Parker. I let go of Will and ran toward the bed. "What happened?" I asked one of the nurses. 

"He crashed into a car and hit his head hard on the side of the curb," The nurse replied. I looked back at him and saw that his head looked like it was split open. There was a lot of blood. I stopped outside of the emergency room. I pulled on my hair as a few tears escaped my eyes. I walked toward one of the seats and sat down. 

"What happened?" Keith asked sitting next to me. 

"Dylan crashed into a car and hit his head hard on the side of a curb," I replied as my voice cracked a little. 

"That idiot," Keith muttered rubbing his face. 

"I'm sorry," Will said. 

"Mr. William Johnson," A nurse called out his name. 

"Yes, that's me," Will said getting up. 

"Is Naomi Johnson your sister?" The nurse asked and he nodded. "I have some good news, Naomi Johnson beat cancer and is now completely healthy," 

"But a nurse came out and said that she died," I told him. 

"That was another person named Naomi that got a heart surgery, your sister is fine," The nurse said smiling. 

"Thank god," Keith and I muttered in unison. 

"What about Dylan Parker?" I asked. 

"He has lost a lot of blood," The nurse said. "Do any of you have O- negative blood type?" 

"I do," I said raising my hand. 

"Do you want to give blood?" He asked and I nodded. "Alright, fill out these forms,"  

"Is Naomi coming out now?" I asked quickly before he left. 

"Yes," The nurse replied and then walked away.

Naomi's P.O.V.

"Are you ready to go?" The nurse asked and I nodded. I got up from the bed and made my way outside of the emergency room. I saw Will sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. I made my way toward him. 

"Sup brotha," I said chuckling. He quickly stood up and hugged me tightly while I  hugged him back. 

"Sup sista," He whispered into my hair. "I thought you died,"

"Why?" I asked.

"There was another girl called Naomi in there that passed away and I thought that was you," 

"Well, I'm alive," I told him letting go of the hug. "Where's everyone?" 

"Uh, about that..." He started scratching the back of his head. 

"What happened?" 

"When the doctor said that the other Naomi passed away, like all of us, Dylan thought it was you, and so, he got really sad and ran out of the Hospital," He started. "He was riding a motorcycle without a helmet and crashed into a car-"

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