Chapter 27

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-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-------------

The sun rays of the morning sun woke me up. I rubbed my eyes and felt someone pull my arm. I looked to my left and found Nala alseep. I turned to my right and found Phillip asleep on the floor like Nala. We must have fallen asleep after our long conversation because I did not remember what happened afterwards. I quietly stood up from the floor, making sure not to wake Nala, and immediately got a strong pain in my head followed by dizziness.


I ignored the strange feeling and started looking around the empty since I did not get the chance yesterday. The restaurant was not so big but there was so many things that I hadn't noticed before. As I walked around the emptiness of the room, I couldn't help but imagine how many smiling families were here, eating and laughing. Sometimes I wish I had my family. But then I remember they're better off without me.

I sigh as the memory threatens to appear but am quickly recovered once I hear Phillip's voice.

"Hey." He tiredly says as a yawned escapes his mouth.

"Hey." I sigh in the same tired tone.

"So umm, how was your conversation with Nala last night?" He asked as he walked towards the back of the restaurant, me following him.

"I told her everything." I said, reaching into my jean pockets and taking out something that I had been craving for days. Cigarettes.

He looked at me intensely as I took a single cigarette out of the crumbled pack. I reached into my other pocket and found my old orange lighter. I lit the cigarette and put it straight into my mouth, my other hand quickly putting the lighter away. Phillip kept quiet as I sucked in the toxics and released a gray puff of smoke.

"You told her about Anabeth?" He asked, his eyes on the lit cigarette between my fingers.

"I had to. I couldn't keep lying to her." I responded calmly as I brought the cigarette back to my dry lips.

"So that means you also told her about her boyfriend? How you almost killed him?" He asked more seriously.

I grabbed the cigarette and released another puff of smoke. The air had now begun to smell like smoke and the dust was making it hard to breathe.

"No. I did not tell her about that."

"I thought you said no more lying." He responded quickly.

"I told her what she needed to know. He isin't important. Now keep quiet or you'll wake her." I said as I got closer to him, the cigarette back in my lips.

He pushed me to the side as he returned to our waking spot. I stood there, cigarette smoke taking over the air and over my lungs. Thoughts of my past played through my head and for some reason the feeling of guilt appeared. I couldn't help but feel as if something wasn't right.

You're going crazy.

I took the cigarette from my lips and threw it on the floor, crushing it with the bottom of my dirty shoes. I turned and walked back to the dirty area in which we had awoken in and found Nala sitting on the floor, Phillip standing next to her.

"Hey." I quietly said to the beautiful girl sitting on the dusty, cold floor.

"Hi." Her sweet voice answered as she stood up and walked over to me.

She stood infront of me, her arms wide open and a smile planted on her face. Gosh was she beautiful. I smiled back at her and opened my arms awell, letting her arms wrap around me. We stood there, holding each other for a while until a quiet cough was heard from infront of us. We turned and found Phillip smiling at us with his arms crossed.

"I don't know about you guys, but I want to go home." He said as he walked towards the door we had entered with.

"C'mon." I said towards Nala as my hand interlocked with hers. "I won't let them get you." My grip on her tightened as the thought of Nala being arrested came to mind.

"Okay." She quietly responded, her tone calm.

I took one last glance at Nala, her eyes looking straight at mine, and followed Phillip out the door.

---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

The air was cold as Bruno, Phillip and I stepped out of our temporary shelter. Even though the sun was high and bright, chills were all over my body. We walked in a fast motion, fear of being seen by the police in all of our eyes. The more we walked around the quiet Los Angeles streets, the more fear grew. It was as if nobody lived here anymore and that scared me.

"You okay?" Bruno asked, his voice being the only source of noise.

"Yeah, just bruised." I responded as a gush of wind passed by us.

He looked at my body, searching for any visible bruises.

"Don't worry." I finally said as the worry in Bruno's eyes increased.

Yes, I was bruised on my legs and my face still held visible marks of slaps but I was fine. I was mentally okay, but I couldn't say the same thing about Bruno. Maybe it was the way his moods changed that confused me.

Or he's hiding something from you.

I turned to look at Bruno and then at Phillip. What more could they hide? I blocked the thought out of my head and just focused on getting to Bruno's house safely.

Before I knew it, we were infront of Bruno and Phillip's expensive house once again. We entered the cold house and goosebumps filled my whole body. Phillip threw himself on the couch while Bruno locked the door.

"Home sweet home." Phillip said as his body took over the whole couch.

I laughed at the happiness in Phillip's voice and stood against the wall.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Bruno asked as he stood next to me.

I remained quiet, thinking hard of my answer when a smile formed on my face.

"I'm fine."

He smiled back and took my hand in his. We looked at each other as everything else became a blur.

"Get a room!"

Bruno and I turned to look at Phillip who held an expression of disgust.

"Shut the f*** up." Bruno loudly said as he flipped Phillip out.

Phillip rolled his eyes, got up from the couch and walked up the stairs leaving Bruno and I alone.

"Just you and me" Bruno said as his face got closet to mine, his lips looking more irresistible than ever.

He closed his eyes as his face approached me but I laid one finger on the top of his lips. He opened his eyes in confusion and stepped back.

"We should get cleaned up first." I said as I slowly turned around and walked up the stairs, a smile planted on both of our faces.

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