Interview with Jungkook (Part 2)

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After the choco pie mini-heart attack, which even made me almost fall on my chair, I made a promise with Twice that I will always make sure that there will be an enough supply of choco pie at home for Dahyun. They even lend me a notebook to take down some notes as we continue on this interview.

"Okay. Next is Mina," Jihyo announced.

Mina stepped forward, giving me a warm smile. Out of all Dahyun's friends, I think she's the only one who's not scary and very easy to please.

"Are you fond of crazy dance moves?" Mina asked.

Wow, that was a weird question. I thought it was a joke but when I saw her eagerly waiting for my answer, I realized that she really is serious. I cleared my throat and scratch the back of my head. "Uhh... may I ask why?" I asked.

"It's because Dahyun is a crazy dancer," she answered. "Don't you know? The video where she's dancing the eagle dance became viral."

Eagle what?

She handed me her phone and my eyes widened and jaw dropped when I saw Dahyun dancing the infamous "eagle dance."

"You need to see this too! She looks really hilarious here!" Sana gave me her phone next. And oh my goodness gracious, Dahyun is indeed a crazy girl, uhh I mean, a crazy dancer. I think this is the "bapsae" dance Hoseok and Taehyung were talking about. I can't help but giggle when with her facial expressions and her dance moves are so damn funny. Like where the hell did she get those moves.

"She also do hilarious covers of some of your songs," Chaeyoung showed me a video of her dancing to Dope. I can't stop laughing when she starts lipsyncing my part. She also did good in copying my dance moves.

I get my phone open my "share it" app.

"Yah! What do you think you're doing?" Chaeyoung asked, trying to snatch her phone on my hand.

"Uhh... Can I get a copy of those videos of Dahyun? I can watch them everyday," I was about to send the file to my open but Chaeyoung successfully snatched her phone to me.

"No, dude! Back off! Go download yours by yourself!" She hugged her phone like her life is depending on it.

I looked at Mina and Sana and they both keep their phones inside the pocket of their jeans. "Download it on any video downloader sites or app," Sana said, sticking her tongue out. Mina shook her head and mouthed, "Sorry."

I wrote on the notebook that as soon as I get back to our dorms, I have to make sure that I will download some videos of Dahyun.

Next question, please!

"Next is me!" Jihyo stepped forward. "Do you easily get jealous?"

Hah! That was a really unexpected question. "It depends. But most of the time... nope," I answered confidently.

Chaeyoung scoffed. "But you got jealous when you saw Jimin and Dahyun together."

"I'm not jealous, okay? I was worried about Dahyun," I defended myself.

"Whatever, poop," Chaeyoung said.

Did she just called me a "poop"?

"Oh really?" Jihyo commented, raising a brow. "You don't easily get jealous?" She took out her phone. Oh wow, another video of Dahyun. I wonder what it is she's dancing this time.

Hajima hajima haji hajima ~

Wait, that song sounds familiar.

I stared at Jihyo's phone screen and I almost throw her phone when I saw Dahyun and JB from GOT7 being lovey dovey in this music video.

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