Chapter 18

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Lauren entered her house after meeting up with Jai and heard screaming and laughing.

"How do I act that out?!" a voice screamed.

Lauren entered the room where the scream came from and saw Camila recording her two friends as they played a game of Heads Up. Lauren silently walked towards where Camila was sitting and gently sat near her as she watched Rose and Rosie continue the game, Lauren saw that Rosie was the one who had to guess what was on the phone. As Rose done an action of chewing, Rosie guessed 'hay' and not even a second afterwards the timer had ran out.

"It was straw. How do you act out straw?" Rose asked out loud as she looked at her wife and Camila as well as Lauren.

"Cause you get a hay- Oh a straw!" Rosie cut herself off before doing an action of sipping a liquid from a drinking straw, which caused Rose to freeze in her place as Camila and Rosie burst out laughing.

Once the laughter died down Camila turned the camera off and turned to Lauren.

"Hey baby"

"Hi Camz" Lauren spoke as she gently hugged Camila. "Hi Rose, hey Rosie" she greeted the couple.

Rosie replied back in a casual tone whilst Rose replied back, trying to keep her cool (yet failing miserably).

"How was your meeting with Jai?"

"He's going to Australia with his group so as of now, I only work by myself"

"I'm sorry baby, when does he go?"

"Very soon, he didn't want to say goodbye to you because he thinks he'd just get so emotional and never want to leave, but... He's breaking up with Ally, and he told us that there is someone crushing on Ally so bad"

"Who's crushing on Ally?" Camila asked excitedly.


"That girl that was at the baby shower?" Rose asked as Lauren nodded.

"Called it" both of the British women said at the time.

Lauren playfully rolled her eyes as Rose suggested that they do teams on Heads Up.

"Right Lo... We need to win, these two" Camila spoke as she gestured to Rose and Rosie, "are really competitive"

"Camz, so are you" Lauren laughed as she kissed Camila gently before focusing on Rosie who currently had the phone on her forehead.

After 10 games, the four girls decided to call it quits, meaning that they quite when they were both tying with the score of winning 5 games each.

"Lauren, when you were gone Camila was talking about how bad she craves sex.... Just saying" Rose stated as she took a sip from her drink before smiling mischievously at Camila.

"Rose Ellen Dix!" Camila and Rosie exclaimed at the same time.

"All I'm saying is... If you don't help her out... I will" Rose joked which earned a playful glare from Rosie.

"Oh... Okay then... Thank you for informing​ me?" Lauren asked as she wasn't really sure how to respond.

"You wont be the only one thanking me Lauren" Rose joked yet again as she put her pointer and pinky fingers  near her mouth to to get them slightly wet before raising them to her forehead where she traced her fingers over her eyebrows before breaking down in laughter.

"Right, well I think its best we go now, it was lovely to spend more time with you today Lauren, thank you Camila" Rosie praised as the two walked out of the house as Lauren and Camila waved them goodbye.

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