The Aftermath

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1:00 p.m

It's no secret that last night was wild, but if you asked me if I regretted it the answer is hell no. I still blame Dre for everything and I don't want to talk to him. I mean he's been calling and texting me all last night and this morning, but every time I just ignore his ass. I don't have nothing to say to him he chose to disrespect me so that was that.

You know I just felt even worse because we had sex. I wasn't one of those girls who just gave it up to any and everybody and I decided to give it to him and look how he repays me. I even cried a little bit when I got home not over no nigga, but because of actions on my end. I'm the one who decided to even get with him. I don't know am I reacting or what? I just feel like that was some real hoe shit of him to do to me.

If the script was flipped I knew he'd be mad ass hell if I was dancing all up on some nigga for everybody to see especially if it was my ex.

I sighed as I pulled out my phone to call Asia. Me and her have gotten closer over these past months. I feel like she took Alexis's place a little, but I mean I didn't really think too much of it either I loved her. She was a real cool chick and she always kept it 100 with ms not to mention she's still dealing with Drew I think. Hell  they be on and off all the time, but I figured since she was with him then she could give me some advice about Dre. I know she knows the both of them well and plus I needa get out this house. You won't catch Melody sitting at home crying over no nigga I'm cool on all of that really. If I want to talk to him then I will, but 9 times out of 10 I probably won't right now.

''Hello? '' Asia said picking up the phone.

''Hey Asia you feel like going to the nail shop? I really need to talk to you.'' I said.

''Yeah boo meet me in about an hour on the one on 125th street.'' She said.

''Okay see you later.'' I said hanging up the phone and going to take a good warm shower. About 45 minutes I was ready to go. I needed a good fill cause of Dre's little hoe. I ended up with a broke a nail last night cause of her ass. I ought of go find her and make her pay for me to get my shit done right after I whoop her ass for a second time. I shook the thoughts from my head as I walked downstairs to see T , Ace, Eric and a guy I never seen before he was cute too. They was all playing 2k like always.

''Where you going?'' Ace said looking at me.

''Nail shop with Asia.'' I said.

He nodded.''Need some money?''

I was covered, but why not ask for a little more? Between the money my father sends me on my own personal card and the money Ace constantly gives me I'd never go broke. They always spoiled me , but what do y'all expect? I'm the only girl and I'm their princess.

''Yeah.'' I said walking up to him.

T smacked his lips. ''Man B I don't even know why you stay giving her money that's what her nigga for.''He said while I smacked my lips.

''T mind yo business okay? And for your information I'm single.'' I said taking the money from Ace.

''Forreal why? What happened with you and Dre?'' T said getting up all in my business.

''Yeah what happened with y'all? Do I gotta pay lol Dre a visit because I will.''Ace said looking at me while I sighed. Why did I say I was single? Now look at me in the middle of all of this.

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