Parents split | Preference

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"I'm sorry darling" Mum looks down at the table as her and Dad finish telling me about their split. I storm off to my room and call Rye.
"Hey babe!" He says down the phone, his cheery self evident.
"Wait what's wrong y/n?" He asks, concerned when he hears a sob escape my lips.
"They split up Rye" I cry down the phone.
"Oh baby, stay there, I'll be over soon" he says sympathetically. He hangs up and I curl into a ball, wishing I could drown in my tears.
"Hey babe" Rye greets from behind me. I don't move or say anything so I hear him walk over to the bed.
"It will all be okay, I promise" he whispers into my ear as he pulls me close.

I knock on Brook's door, hoping he's in. The door opens and I walk into his arms.
"Hey, what's wrong?" He asks, kissing my forehead. I shake my head and walk into his living room. Brook seems to understand and turns the TV on, letting me snuggle into his warm embrace. Half way through the film he's put on I let out a small whisper, "they've broken up Brook".
"Oh baby" he sighs, pulling me into his chest as I sob.

"For God's sake!" I scream as I smack my hand on the wall. I pick up the box of tissues from the bedside cabinet and throw it across the room.
"Y/n? Princess what's wrong?" Andy walks in, stopping me from throwing the lamp I just picked up. I drop it into the bed and run over to him, relaxing when I'm finally in his arms.
"You could guess" I mumble into his chest.
"Oh, they didn't-" I cut him off.
"They did" I whisper. They've been fighting for months and Andy helped me through it.
"It's going to be okay, come on, let's go do something together"

I stare down at the text I've just received from my Dad. 'Me and Mum have split up. Sorry honey'. I sigh and get out of Mikey's grasp.
"I'm going for a shower" I announce, walking into the bathroom and turning it on. I undress and climb in, sobbing quietly as the water rolls past me. After a while there's a knock at the door.
"Y/n, are you okay? You've been in there a while" Mikey says.
"I'm fine Mikey" I say, trying to sound convincing.
"I'm not stupid, I know you more than anyone. If you don't tell me I'll break the door down" he sighs from outside the door. I sigh and explain, making him understand from through a door. After I get out and dry off, I put some clothes on and spend the rest of the night in Mikey's embrace, not wanting to be anywhere but there.

I run as fast as I can to the park and climb the tree me and Jack share as a secret place for the both of us. Jack tried calling me but I press decline and get comfy in the tree. He keeps trying to call, but I let them ring out. Soon his face appears at the bottom of the tree and he lets out a sigh of relief. Jack climbs up and sits next to me. He pushes the hair out of my face.
"I went over to yours but couldn't find you. I was so worried, and so are your parents" he pulls me close to him and kisses my cheek.
"They split up Jack" I stare into the sky ahead.
"Oh y/n" he sighs and wraps his arms around me.

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