LXII- No More Secrets

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Indianna ignored Greyson as they all made our way back to the cars. Indianna heard Kal ask Greyson what was wrong and she assumed Greyson told him over mind link.

When the car came into view Indianna headed straight for the passenger seat, so she wouldn't have to sit next to Greyson, but Kal raced ahead of her and opened the car door, throwing himself onto the seat.

"I call dibs," he grinned and Indianna narrowed her eyes slightly at him. He smiled innocently and shut the door.

Indianna sighed and slowly turned on her heel and walked to the back of the car where Ace and Greyson were already seated. "Great," she muttered and sat in the backseat. Indianna moved as close as she could to the door so she didn't accidentally touch Greyson.

The car was silent as they drove back to Janson's pack house. Everyone knew that Indianna was pissed at Greyson and it made it tense. She could see Greyson looking at her out of the corner of her eye, but she refused to look at him.

When they finally made it to the house Indianna bolted out of the car as quickly as she could and rushed upstairs to her room- their room.

She was unzipping her suitcase when Greyson walked in. "Indi-"

"I'm going for a shower," Indianna said coldly and grabbed a bundle of clothes and briskly walked into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and got under the hot water of the shower. She took her time, not wanting to go out and face Greyson.

She hated arguing with him, partly because the bond made her want to forgive him, but also because he was so bossy and stubborn she doubted she would get her way.

When Indianna was clean she stepped out of the shower and cursed under her breath when she realised she had brought clean clothes, but not a towel. She flushed in embarrassment when she opened the door and poked her head out. Greyson was lying on the bed, waiting for Indianna.

Indianna spotted clean towels on the side and she looked back to Greyson. "I forgot my towel," she said stiffly.

"Then come out and get one."

Indianna shook her head. "Can you... Um- could you-"

Greyson sighed and stood up in one smooth motion and Indianna gulped when she saw his muscles flex when he pushed himself off the bed. In a few long strides he had picked up a towel and walked over to Indianna who was hiding behind the bathroom door. He held the towel out and Indianna took it hurriedly, but before she could shut the door in his face a tattooed hand wrapped firmly around her wrist and yanked her into Greyson's bare chest. Tingles filled Indianna and her body felt alive with sparks when she touched Greyson.

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