The Forgotten Zodiac: Chapter 3

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"Ah?" Yuki teased, motioning for Lyra to leave her spot in the doorway and out onto the rooftop.

"A-ah... it's, uh, it's beautiful up here!" Lyra stumbled over her own words, giving her cheeks a quick pat before following Yuki's motion. "Yes, it's beautiful." She released a relieved sigh as Yuki gently shut the door behind him, stepping past Lyra carefully and leading her further along the rooftop.

"Ah, geez, why are you here?" A voice spat as they reached a small enclosure. Lyra waited for Yuki to motion her into the space before taking a peek around the corner and seeing the red-headed idiot that had spilt her things that morning.

"You're the idiot from this morning!" The two spoke at the same time, each flaring their nostrils at the sight of the other.

"Oh my," Yuki sighed, giving Lyra a gentle push forward so he could squeeze by. "I thought we could all sit down and have a polite conversation."

"Like I'd ever waste my time talking to you, rat!" The red-head spat angrily, tearing into the rice ball he was holding loosely in his hand. Yuki simply smiled, closing his eyes and making the sun shine through towards him for the third time today.

"Why did you call him a rat?" Lyra inquired, lifting her lunch pail onto her lap and fidgeting with the lock. "Stupid thing never opens..." She mumbled, hearing nothing from the two boys and looking up curiously. The red-head's tongue was extended outward, and after a moment of struggling to figure out what had happened, Lyra looked down at the splattered rice ball near red-heads feet.

"Now that's no way to behave in front of a lady, Kyo." Yuki scolded, the friendliness leaving his voice ever-so-slightly each time he spoke to Kyo.

"What?! Your cooking is terrible!" Kyo spat more of the rice ball out, some of the grains of rice landing on Lyras' leg.

"Why did you do that?!" Lyra screeched, flicking the rice granule back towards Kyo with a disgusted look on her face. "At least spit it the other way!" She dug furiously into her pocket, pulling out a napkin and scrubbing away at her leg.

"Why don't you move," Kyo's tongue had retracted, a playful look crossing his face as he noted how angry Lyra actually was. "Boy you're not that smart, are you?" He teased, looking coolly from Lyra to Yuki, then back again.

"S-shut up," Lyra defended, her slight hesitation making Kyo let out an amused sigh.

"You really are-" With one fluid movement, Yuki was on his feet, one leg swinging gracefully towards Kyo's head. There was a loud thud as Yuki's foot connected with Kyo's head, followed by the sound of Kyo's body tumbling a few feet and slamming against the wall.

"That... why..." Lyra stared, too stunned to form a coherent sentence.

"Maybe now you'll treat her like a lady." Yuki straightened his body, giving his shirt a light tug at the end to straighten it out as well.

"W-what?" Lyra's eyes traveled to Yuki, his cool pose making what had just occurred seem like nothing at all. "He-he's dead, he's got to be dead! W-what do we do? We have to hide the body - oh, god, we'll have to run away-"

"Damnit, rat!" Kyo shouted from underneath the cloud of dust that he had rustled during his journey to the cement wall. "That was a cheap shot, I was still spitting out your nasty food!" He stood, brushing more dust off of his clothing, but seemed completely unharmed.

"W-what is wrong with you guys..." Lyra asked, feeling her head spinning as she struggled to process everything. "You... superhuman..." She slumped over, holding her face in her hands, hearing Yuki's footsteps approaching.

"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice only hinting at his worry, the majority of his cold anger still evident. "Hey..!" Lyra fell to the side as Yuki knelt down next to her, Yuki's arms instinctively catching her before hitting the cement beneath her. His eyes squeezed shut, preparing his body for the change into his zodiac animal.

"You... didn't change?" Kyo asked, scratching his head.

"The curse...? No..." Yuki pondered, shifting Lyra slightly and watching her snow white hair part gracefully to reveal part of her face. "Who are you..?"

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