Chapter 23.

I had hurt Johnny with the response I gave to Amy about our togetherness, and I could not even get him alone to explain my reasoning with all these vultures sitting around us. I felt out of my depth, I was 17 with no solid plans. My life was truly up in the air, but all these people were in college or university, and above all else they were the same age as Johnny so they could relate to him more than I currently could. The question hung in the air;

"Your pregnant right?", I could still hear the seriousness in her voice.

"Mom did say she was a bit of a space ranger", Amy giggled as the crowd of vultures grew evermore hungry. Johnny scowled at Amy, he apparently was not as much a fan of her as she was of his.

"Right", I answered her finally. She wasn't completely wrong I had become very spacey these days, I feel as though I am forever getting caught in my own mind. I couldn't understand her questioning me, her Mother and her knew enough about us when we arrived I imagine they know everything else. Maybe they don't and in that case this is going to be unconformable.

"Mother said if we wanted to get to know ye we need to actually talk and not gossip like old ladies", Amy sighed and my worst nightmare had been realized.

"Not much to know", I said and glanced at Johnny who was boiling with annoyance. Johnny had been laced with alcohol so his tolerance for Amy and her crew was going to be lesser than it normally would have been, but they didn't know that.

"Oh but there is", she smirked and reached up and rubbed my leg. "So if you and Johnny are not together, did you just have a one night stand?".

Johnny's jaw fell open, and I giggled. I giggled. I just could not wrap my head around these people.

"What do you know about us Amy?", I smirked at her for the first time.

"Again, not much. Johnny is related to Aude in some way, she felt sorry for you and gave ye a place to stay", she said watching for a reaction in my eyes.

"And Cameron?", I asked truly confused.

"Cameron?", she repeated with a silent question and I did it again I giggled.

"Idiots", Johnny said under his breath and Amy rolled her eyes at him and looked back to me. Even though we were sitting outside it felt as though we were all stuffed into a small room together. I guess a group of people staring you down will have that effect on you. I could not believe myself laughing at these people, I knew I was above their pettiness. We had arrived hoping to make friends, and now look.

"Johnny", I scolded trying to regain control of the situation before we ended up total rejects.

"So you want me to set this straight?", Johnny perked up filled with liquid confidence. I just shrugged in response, maybe his bluntness would scare Amy off. Was that me being jealous?

"So Amy, what is it you and your drones want to know again?", he smirked. Johnny had returned for a moment released from his responsibilities and acting like his old self.

"We just want to get to know-", Amy had begun to defend herself when one of her aptly named drones cut her off.

"Jesus Amy, cut it out!", a dark haired girl sitting at the back of the group perked up. Amy rolled her eyes overwhelmed by the backlash, something tells me Amy is not often questioned in her own back yard. Literally.

"Johnny and I are going to be here for the foreseeable future. I am pregnant, 6 months just so you know. Johnny is not the child's Father. He has given up a lot of see me here safe", I sighed deciding to offer up some information to diffuse the tension and before Johnny did himself a bad turn. All of them, all the hungry vultures sat with their jaws hanging open. Enthralled by the drama that was my life.

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