Chapter Twenty Five

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The drive to the tattoo shop wouldn't have been half as bad if Will didn't decide to be annoying and play country music full blast all the way there. And don't get me wrong, I have nothing against country music, but walking into a tattoo shop and seeing the toughest looking guy my eyes have ever met standing at the desk, calling Will 'country boy' was a little intimidating.

We had been sitting in the shop for a good 20 minutes now, trying to decide what we all wanted to get. Violet had suggested something along the lines of a small elephant, as that was her favourite animal, but Olivia turned that down, saying it was stupid, and then suggested we all get a piece of bread, two of them with peanut butter and the other two with jelly, which we all said no too, even the tattooist, Mike, said he wouldn't do that.

Amelia suggested we get moon tattoos, but I turned that down as Will had just got me the moon necklace, and as much as the idea of the tattoo was cute, I felt like mine would almost be a connection to Will, and it was way too soon for that, so she then suggested the sun, which we all liked the idea of.

"Wait guys what about this" I showed them my phone, revealing a picture of four hearts, from one of my old school books that we had all drawn on, and I had taken a picture of, I know it doesn't have much meaning but what if we all got a small heart, which as crazy as it sounds, if any of us ever stop talking its not too connected to one another, but it's also got enough meaning to be a matching tattoo?" We all smiled, agreeing that this is what we wanted.

We decided we all wanted it in different places, Violet wanted hers on her shoulder, just under and left of her collarbone, Amelia wanted hers under her boob, Olivia wanted hers on her wrist as she already had some small tattoos dotted over her body, so didn't mind if this one was on show, and I had planned to get mine on my hip, kind of like Rachel's from Friends.

As there were only two tattoo artists, Violet and Olivia went first, Violet coming out before her and going over to someone else to wrap it up, and I let Amelia go before me.

"You seem nervous" Will laughed, squeezing my thigh lightly.

"I am a little, it's my first tattoo"

"Do you have any tattoos?" I questioned, getting it in before Will could say anything back about my previous statement.

"Nah, I'm not sure I could ever get one, well I mean I could but I don't think I would," He said, leaning back in the chair he was sitting in and resting his on the back of mine.

"Why, don't you like them?" I slightly panicked, unsure as to why, though, I wasn't getting this tattoo for him. But his opinion was of value to me and if getting this tattoo would make him hate me I'd probably cry.

He chuckled, clearly seeing in my eyes that I was worried, "No, it's not that I don't like them, I think tattoos are amazing, art if done right, I just don't think I could see myself with one, that's all" He soothed. He was being extremely nice right now, and I know it's my birthday and he should be being nice to me but it felt strange.

Olivia walked out of the room moments later and a small lady, covered in tattoos from her neck to her ankles walked out after her, smiling and inviting me in the room. As I smiled back at her and stood up, Will stood up and hugged me from behind, "You got this baby" I could feel his breath against my skin.

"Thanks" I smiled, separating from him, and just as I done so, he smacked the right side of my ass, "Go get'em tiger" He laughed at my audible gasp.

That's when I decided that I didn't want to get the tattoo on my hip, and instead wanted to get it on my ass, high enough for it to almost be my lower back, but it definitely was on my ass.

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