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(Okay omg. This story hit 1K. Thank you thank you thank you. So close to 1.2K already and just OMG. I'm not okay. Was that a MCR reference? Maybe. Maybe not. Anywho. Let's get to it.)

He looked at me then at my phone. I slowly picked my phone up and looked at it. "Oh just my mom." He looked at me like he knew I was lying. "She said that she'd be home by 7 and if she's not there's spaghetti (If you don't like spaghetti I'm sorry) in the fridge." He nodded slowly and I turned my phone on silent. I was screaming inside. Does he realize that he's been texting me? I was treading on very thin ice. "Okay Malik let's get back to work." He chuckled lightly and I looked at him. "My girlfriend calls me that."

(Okay super duper short but I'm secretly writing this on my phone in Math. Probably shouldn't but I wanted to write a bit. Next one will be texting and a bit of actual story)

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