Cofftrees and Meat

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Heat Level: sweet and funny

The Pitch:  Saying the wrong thing comes naturally to Emmeline, but sometimes she surprises even herself.

 This was an entry I wrote for the Wattpad Block party hosted on profile and is a Prequel to my story Sugar Lust. You can read it as a stand alone story or as an intro to the novel.   

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Cofftrees and Meat

He noticed her. She was sure of it.

Nicholas looked at her from across the room, smiling first, and then ran his hand through his hair, while the teacher droned on about conjugating verbs. It sent her heart racing. In the three years they had been in high school together he had never looked at her like that. Maybe, just maybe, she'd have a chance with him.

"Emmeline!" Ginny poked at her from across the table in the library. "You're daydreaming again."

"Hun?" Emmeline lifted her head off the palm of her hand. She was supposed to be working on her math homework.

"You should just ask him out you know. It would make my life so much easier," she teased. Ginny had been hearing about Nicholas for ages.

Emmeline scrunched up face, and Ginny started laughing at her. "Girls can ask guys out, you know." She tapped the end of her pencil on the table, before turning it over and using the eraser to remove the last word she wrote.

"I know, but let's face it, I trip over my words on good days. How could I possibly ask him and sound like a normal human being when he makes me so fluttery?"

"Good point! You pretty are useless with your tongue."

"I'd like to try out that theory," Callum volunteered, happily eavesdropping from the table beside them in the school library. Callum was a professional flirt, tall with nut-brown unkempt hair, that made him look playful and resistible, all at once.

"You heard that?" Mortified, Emmeline mentally kicked herself. Of course, it just had to be Nicholas' best friend.

"So it's Nikki you have a crush on?" he teased.

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Since forever."

Emmeline's cheeks burned a raspberry color.

"If you aren't going to go out with me then I suppose it might as well be him." It wasn't like Callum actually meant it, he always teased her.

"Please don't say anything!" she begged, realizing even as she said it, it was going to be a lost cause. Ginny had been the only person she had told about her crush. Secrets like that were best to keep to yourself, unless you wanted the whole school to know. It never occurred to her until today that she would even have a chance with him.

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