Craig x badass! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~Your POV~

Being in the detention or... Juvy is normal for me but falling in love in definitely not.

Today was my first day of South park elementary school, why did I get EXPELLED from my old school maybe because I hit a student with a fire extinguisher because she wouldn't shut up, I hate bitch's that don't shut up that's why I hang with boys because they don't bitch about each other.

I was dressed in black combat boots, black skinny jeans and a black leather jacket with my hair out and a (f/c) strip of colour in my hair, makeup is essential to my routine black eyeliner around my eyes with mascara.

I quickly grabbed a piece of toast and ran out the door with my bag over my shoulder, I walked to school not caring if I was late because I usually am.

Once I arrived at school, I obviously was late but made my way the office, it was difficult to bloody find the office but I got there.

After I got my schedule and I had to go to the councillor, after walking the halls for about 30 minutes. I was about to give up until a hot guy with shiny black hair covered by a blue hat and gorgeous ocean eyes, I was staring at him.

He stopped a few metres in front of me, he turned around and said in an annoyed voice "Can I help you?" My face heated up like fire.

I managed to finally get the words out of my throat "umm hey I can't find the councillors office" he looked at me with a blank face, "fine I'll show you, only because I'm going there for detention".

He started walking in a direction down the hall, I can't stop looking at him I don't know this feeling but it won't stop.

He stopped at a door says "Here is Mr Mackey's office but be warned it gets big" he said opening in the door, I walk in and gets what he means by big...his fucking head in HUGE.

"Finally you kids finally got here, you took forever mkay next time don't take so long mkay first start with Miss (y/n) (l/n) mkay, so this is your 10th school in 5 yrs. you like getting expelled don't you mkay?"

"Yeah it's a hobby of mine, I once went to Juvy for getting in trouble with the cops" I said trying not to look directly at his head.

"That's bad mkay you could not be proud of that mkay, anyway its lunch time so go to the cafeteria mkay" he said, I sighed and stood up while walking out of the room, I look back at the mystery guy and wave with a small smile, he waved back and gave a cute smile back.

I began walking to the cafeteria and went right pasted it, I don't like eating shitty school food juvy food is way better. Phew I have other shit I want to do, like figure my way around the school.

While walking the halls I bumped into the cute guys that showed me to the councillor, he looked at me and nodded I nodded back with a smirk on my face.

'God he is cute' I admitted in my head, today is so boring everyone is still having lunch and I have no one to talk to. So I look around and saw the door to the playground, I ran outside and saw the equipment I ran like a little kid to the monkey bars that I haven't played on in ages.

I was hanging upside down with my eyes closed, I was calm until I heard a chuckle in front of me, opening my eyes slightly to see the cute guy "For a criminal, you're adorable" he said smirking, a dark blush was across my cheeks and I get down from the bars.

"Since we have been seeing each other all day what is your name?" I say staring into his eyes.

"Craig Tucker don't wear it out" he said with a light blush

"I think you know my name?"

"Is it the beautiful name of (y/n)?" he smirked at me

"How did you know?" I said sarcastically

"How could i forget a beautiful criminal like yourself, but anyway you want to get in trouble with me?" He said looking in his school bag

"And what might we do Mr Tucker?" I said with a smirk, "Well two options, number 1 spray paint the side of the school or throw water balloons of the roof hitting people?" He said showing me the spray paint and the water balloons.

"Ummm...let's do both" I said.


I was on the roof with Craig, our water balloons ready to go we already painted the school a new colour, by colour I mean colourful words. Lunch time was over and everyone were pouring out of the doors.

I took my aim on a very chubby boy and threw it, it hit him on the back of the neck "WHAT THE FUCK!!" He yelled touching the wet patch. Craig threw it at a blonde slut and the balloon was full of paint it got her right in the face.

"WHAT THE HELL!! MY MAKEUP!! MY HAIR!!" she yelled while crying and running inside. Mr Mackey came out and started yelling at us, we threw the water balloons at him he was soaked.

I heard a familiar sound then realisation hit me "FUCK IT'S THE COPS" Craig looked at me "Well (y/n) care to run away with me" he said holding out his hand.

"Hell yes" I grabbed his hand and jumped off the roof, we ran as fast as we could, we ended up at his house.

Once we were at the front door, we realized we were still holding hands and we let go and blush like mad. I stare into his eyes and he stares back, I lean in and he doesn't make a move so I roll my eyes, grabbed his collar and kissed him. I could feel him kiss back slightly.

"I never felt this before but I like it and even though I just meet you, I like you"

"Well to every bad boy there is a bad girl, will you be my bad girl" he said blushing.

"Yes I would love to be your bad girl" he leaned in and kissed me again but more passionately, we ended the kissed "I love you (y/n)" he said holding me hands

"And I love you Mr Tucker" I said giggling.

~sorry if it was too long and sorry for the slow update~

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