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Sébastien and Benjamin met in middle school in Brittany, a region in the West of France. Sébastien always aspired to follow his father's footsteps and take over his fishing business, while Benjamin had a calling to become a History teacher. Despite the turmoils of teenage life, slowly discovering each other, they carefully plan their future together, but that was counting without Benjamin's parents' determination to separate them, leading the two young adults to live in Paris.

Fifteen years after their first encounter, the two men are still building their future in the Capital. The unqualified Sébastien lives on small jobs, while Benjamin embraces a promising career in journalism that might lead him far. Maybe too far for Sébastien who only dreams of returning to his native Brittany.

* * *

This short story is inspired by a song called Les Meurtrières by Damien Saez. I could tell you to go and check it on Dailymotion, but it's in French. I could also provide a translation, but I would never be able to convey the beauty of his words. So just know that this is about a man who lost his love and that it ends very sadly. As will this story.

So please do not read if you are not comfortable with tragic endings.

Published on 21 Jan 2017
This short-story will be published next week and it has only 6 chapters. Then, I'm back on Twisted Moon :)

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